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Posted by wmcneal | Sep 25, 2008 @ 03:14 PM | 7,745 Views
I brought my old Gee Bee Tiger Moth out of mothballs and converted it to E power. I installed a Turnigy 3542D 1000kv motor turning a wooden 11x7.5 prop. It pulls only 26 amps and 260 watts on 3s2p 2500mah packs. The plane has a 46" wingspan and weighs in at 3lb-14oz. RTF. This plane has not flown since 1991 when it had an OS .40 4stroke engine, which was WAY more power than it needed. I bought a new cowling so the old muffler cutouts would be gone.
I'm hoping for good weather this weekend to get her airborne once again.

I took it out this morning (9-26-2008)to fly. Installed the batteries, faced it into the wind and throttled it up. In about a 25 foot roll she rotated and climbed out nicely. It took quite a bit if right rudder during climb out to hold it straight. A couple clicks of aileron trim and a couple on the elevator and she was flying nicely. Ailerons are not very responsive, but the rudder is, so coordinated turns are a must. Once I got the feel of it I even did some rolls and loops. After 8 minutes I brought it around on approach and made a shallow descent to a smooth landing. After a recharge I got in one more flight, then the wind picked up and I had to call it a great day!