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Posted by wmcneal | Dec 30, 2007 @ 12:32 PM | 6,098 Views
I've finally got a good motor and prop combination. A Dualsky 2830CM-12 outrunner motor with a 11x4.7 APC SF prop. I put two flights on it this morning. I still have to make the guns and fabricate a pilot and add a few other details, but after sitting on a table untouched for almost a year I think it came out pretty good. It's not nearly as fast as my 70% size one, but still a lot of fun!
Posted by wmcneal | Dec 25, 2007 @ 08:18 AM | 5,512 Views
Just wanted to blog a new aircraft to the squadron. This is Jetset44's design F-18. I printed the tiled plans with the printer set to B5 size paper and it came out with a 23.5" w/s and 34" length. It is powered by an ARC130 motor with 3 cell 1345 mah battery. It has a good turn of speed, I estimate around 65mph.

This one I did as solo aircraft number 6 in honor of Lcdr Kevin Davis who was tragically lost this year at an airshow when his F-18 crashed.