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Posted by Meshuggah | Dec 28, 2009 @ 06:30 AM | 4,608 Views
So i finnished the v2 prototype a few weeks ago...
Allot of people is asking how i did the double aileron thing..

Its pretty simple actually, its just so thin you can´t se the magic

Micro Pitts S1-S Special Ailerons (0 min 29 sec)

Posted by Meshuggah | Dec 12, 2009 @ 06:36 AM | 5,248 Views
At last, my prototyp build is Ready for maiden.

Here comes the fast version.

0.25mm durobatics
AP03, with 3A ESC
GWS 4.5x3

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Posted by Meshuggah | Dec 08, 2009 @ 03:05 PM | 5,770 Views
Hello world.. (first blog entry hehe)

So, allot of folks are asking me about my 3dmodels and what i have made for aircrafts for folding durobatics into 3d forms.

Here they are, enjoy.