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Posted by Evil Lord X | Sep 11, 2006 @ 08:46 AM | 3,634 Views
Okay, I spose I will write something here... Hi, my name is Troy, I was born in 1987. I live in Mundijong Western Australia. I currently work at an orchard in Jarrahdale but I plan to become a pilot in either the RAAF or the Australian Army (fast jets or helis, don't like the idea of flying a brick with wings and engines)

My screen name? Evil Lord X, why the hell would someone call themselve that??? It just popped into my mind when I had to fill in "user name" when I joined a mate's forum he was building. Evil - cause many of my friends consider me to be evil (the others think it is a front). Lord - stems from my general tendency to try to gain control over everyone and X - cause I wanted something a little mysterious to reflect my secretive side... I have stuck with this name ever since (on occasion I will use 2 user names on one site, the other usually being Russkii Vitiaz)

My fleet, first my Venom Night Ranger V1 (bought early 2005) my first heli (and aircraft) a fixed pitch almost indestructable micro. Second, my beloved Hirobo Sceadu Evo 50 (early 2006). At time of writing, I still haven't flown it cause weather/work have delayed finising the paint job (I hate standard decals) hopefully I will have it in the air in a month or so... Third, my new toy, an Align Trex 450XL (August 2006) This one I have test flown/hopped (it was indoors cause of weather so there wasn't much space). Final flight tests are awaiting painting (one clear coat on canopy and some brush work on a couple of bits) hopefully in a couple of weeks tops...