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Posted by D Hughes | Apr 20, 2012 @ 03:30 AM | 2,640 Views
Wow I didnt know that I had a blog space. Yay!

I am principally interested in the highest and lowest forms of RC modelling and both are 3D. Aircraft and Submarines, although I have just completed a floater
(16th century ship of the line, square rigger).

I am constantly amazed by the level of detail and ingenuity of the people who post their projects up here. I am frequently blown away by their talent. I'm a scratch builder and have respect for anybody who gives this line of modelling a go. Whether it be museum quality or basic, but works. (my work is somewhere in between.)

Now for some philosophising, (soap box) I think that our society is fixated with certain narrow avenues of what constitutes "Creativity" . It does not acknowledge us modell makers with the talents we have been given. In our western society the "Creative" types are the "dancers", "Musos , and "singers". These are the people and fields of creativity that are endlessly pitched to us in the media. I am sick of the number of singing, and Dancing shows on TV! Give us some engineering and model making shows.

Every time I have seen modelling portrayed (exceptionally rarely) we are portrayed as silly little people with toys. Am I the only one irritated by this?

Anyway enough of my rant...

dave H