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Posted by MTXMUGEN | Aug 28, 2014 @ 03:05 PM | 3,170 Views
Ever since I saw some mini quads in action I have been trying to scrape up the cash to build one. Thanks to some awesome people it has finally happened!

First stop was David at The last non-fixed wing thing I flew on a regular basis was my old T-rex 450SEv2, which was put aside during my first few years in college (starting around fall 2008). I did pick up a larger quad a few months back but I didn't build it, just fly it. Needless to say, I didn't know too much of what I actually needed.. I knew I wanted 4s (power is a toy and I love it) and the Naze32 FC (came very highly recommended and looked to be the most stable)

From the 4s and Naze 32 inputs, David filled in the rest of the blanks. Cobra 1960 KV motors, custom RotorGeek 12a escs running BLheli (SiLabs version of SimonK), DSM2 satellite RX, matching size PDB for the Naze, ton-o-props, FC and ESC programmers.. pretty much everything I need minus the battery, frame and FPV gear.

Soo.. Add the frame, which was designed and made by a local quad guy, Trimex and that is where I am at.

I will post pics and more info as I go!
Posted by MTXMUGEN | Aug 05, 2007 @ 10:42 PM | 3,147 Views
I decided to progress from the bladfe and got a t-rex 450 sa that was in the middle of being upgrades to se. there is nothing bad I can say about the heli, it is far more stable than my old blade cp and have more power than the blade could even dream of having. I guess it is all-over far superior than the blade cp.

I have about 15 good packs throught it and Im having no problems doing forward flight, nose in hover, funnels( the worng way), figure eights, and tail kicks. i plan on picking up where I left off with on the blade cp in these next few weeks: inverted forward flight.
Posted by MTXMUGEN | Mar 31, 2007 @ 05:34 PM | 3,500 Views
My current and ongoing project is making my zagi Razor go faster than any other plane in the area. its powered by a TP 2150 15c pack on a CC Phoenix 45. The motor is a MicroDAN 2505 SPEED with a 5x5 prop. So far im guessing its toping out at about 110-120 MPH in level flight. so far i have tested it with 2 types of verticle stabilizers: stock and 4mm coroplast. the stock are nice but make the plane unstable. the coro seem to make it more stable. the next think to test is pod covers. stock one broke in a crash( no motor, lost signal due to an onboard camera) now im trying a pod cover from a 400x. the 400x pod cover seems to have a less draggy egg hope is that the shape will reduce turbulence. this pod also has larger holes for cooling.