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Posted by Scott Seidler | Feb 01, 2012 @ 08:13 AM | 4,393 Views
Last straw on this for me was today.
I have always gone far out of my way for everyone here on RCgroups. I have offered free products, backed up everything I have ever sold fairly and quickly.
And I have ALWAYS followed the rules when it comes to selling within the USA, not shipping into other areas, etc etc.

Im done - I am so tired of everyone else cheating, playing games, and most offensive giving credit to others especially when those others are constantly failing to follow the rules.

Im sure some of you are reading this and it makes no sense to you.. Its ok this isnt really meant for you anyway.

Here is some recent facts:

Having spent a large amount of time being the FIRST to promote a certain line and getting them ALOT of attention here. I find that now anyone willing to place an order for more than two can go buy directly and BOOM another distributor has the product dropping sales to a point where purchasing for stock seems silly.

Spending thousands of dollars with a manufacturer to bring in new unknown planes for testing only to be told that another LARGER distributor is going to sell the product and threatened them they wont take it on if I have access to it. Thats AFTER the money, months of time, and all the energy was spent on getting ready to offer the product. And on top of that the "big" guys offer the plane up for 50% more than I had planned on. That really benefited the RC community didn't it?

Over the past few years there have...Continue Reading