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Posted by saucerguy | Sep 09, 2016 @ 07:15 PM | 2,419 Views
I find the build process is more enjoyable then just flying. There us only so much you an do in the air, on the build table it's endless. From taking just an idea, a chunk of foam, breath into existence something substantial, to in the mates build, started out with some simple plans, heavily revised build, I resurrect my old tried and true plane I used to enjoy flying years ago, old school balsa and tissue paper covering style.

I am taking note, there are not as many old timers still around. People, these guys have tremendous knowledge, and once they are gone, it is lost unless they are encouraged to share with the rest of us. I point out the fact they had to make things work without our modern gear, tons of things that they had to overcome.

I like seeing the sophistication the new generations have access too, Cad, laser cutters, cnc, yet still competing with China makes it hard to rebuild Amercan kits. Gear wise, another super hard area to compete with as well. Seeing also the steady decline of hobby shops, but since they have catered to prebuilt planes, ignore the fact cheaper gear can be stocked with an ethical mark up, its no wonder. Going back to the old timers, their lhs in their day was far different.

Building also, these little planes have given me real insight into building in construction. From painstaking detailed work to large scale, rounded, art deco designs I just see them as airplane parts, nothing to shy away from.
Posted by saucerguy | Aug 22, 2016 @ 08:22 PM | 2,166 Views
Its been quite some time since my last blog entry. The past several years a lot has happened. I stopped flying rc outside of tinkering with kids stuff, just didn't have the time any more and other hobbies took priority.

I regained an old one, playing trumpet in the process, something I should have gotten back into years ago.

Knowing myself too, getting back into rc, I can't just dabble with it, that is just not my style. Love seeing the new gear and a ton of options out there to choose from. I tried using hobbyking through their website because I used them before to no avail. Opted for Amazon instead and am a happy camper. This time instead of needing to recycle gear from plane to plane I have a beautiful stockpile of gear and more on the way. 😁

I gave away my old fleet and gear in 2009 so everything is new, also rebuilding my fleet along with to include some original new rc flying saucers which will be shared at a later date after patent land is addressed upon them. I still have photos posted on a couple of the old ones at wattflyer, but the others were deleted yet I know someone has copies of those to share for nostalgia purposes, not that the old ones were patentable.

Spending time in Cali was an experience, overall though I am back where I prefer, the Pacific NW is the most beautiful part of the country and its resources are vast.

Keeping this entry brief, God bless, Brian
Posted by saucerguy | Dec 03, 2010 @ 02:23 AM | 4,468 Views
I Just moved to Cali in September, got to spend my 43rd birthday with my new gal, it was nice. The weather here is far dryer then up north, have ample fields to fly at, and even in the dead of winter, it's totally practical to keep on with the rc gig, in fact, better during what they call "rainy" months then the best I had up north, lol.

I put in a bit of flight time, but opted to put the rc thing onto a slow cooker world for a bit, while I got used to the area and believe it or not, there is more to my world then just RC, lol.

I'm kind of waiting for things to settle before being super hard core on a new career direction, be it, still opening up a cafe or two locally, but the stuff I like to create still remains in the building world, coffee carts to rc planes, to alternative energy to home brew and I play trumpet and guitar as well, just for starters.

Currently building a new foamie, have it on the scratch built foamie section, gulp, I'm actually going to build something docile for a change. Might as well, will love being able to fly a plane on my front door step while drinking my morning coffee, or evening home made brew....
Posted by saucerguy | May 28, 2010 @ 04:38 PM | 4,759 Views
This year has been the rainiest year I've ever seen in my life, it hasn't stopped, literally almost every single day and it's cold to boot. We no longer have seasons, it's just between winter and fall, year round and there is no end in sight.

I left Tacoma a year and a half ago, gave away so many planes, drug a bunch down here, even tossed several, some of them with only a few flights on them, entirely because for me to enjoy this hobby, I have to build and I do love building, but man, would love to get full day's in for flying as well. I'm back into the building phase, and so thus, begins rebuilding a huge hanger of planes again, all to sit there and collect dust, awaiting that fateful day when there is no rain. A while back, I gave in and started building only planes that can handle a lot of wind, my flying skills of course improved, for knowing full well, it's enough to ask for no rain, if I waited for perfect wind conditions, I'd have less then a week a year to go flying.

So, as I build, might as well build extra kits to share with my friends that have areas they can go fly at, living vicarously through them in the process, but I have to add a note here, it takes a tremendous amount of time to kit out a plane, then to sit and wait on them to sell takes forever, not at all something one does for even a side business. The economy is tight as well these days which doesn't help in that area. I broke down my time in these little kits, it's around 50 cents per hour max, lol, I may just ARF them out to get that down to 25 cents per hour as well. I have time on my hands, might as well.
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