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Posted by bobskinner | Dec 21, 2009 @ 03:57 PM | 32,774,067 Views
I decided to leave my last Tubby in South Africa when we left in February so I would have something to fly when we go visit my family. My wife is in great shape so I can’t call her that, and I lost a bit of weight so I guess that goes for me too.

So, after nearly a year of Tubbylessness... I have finally gotten around to ignoring all the other projects on my to-do list and decided to build another Tubby.

I changed the wing a little (added some to the chord) because that is what I originally wanted to do but got scared of the unknown and made it with a narrower chord originally… This Tubby is also made from scraps of foam I have had lying around for quite some time now. The green wings are from part of a foam box I received an airplane in from a seller in China, the yellow horizontal stab and elevator are from leftovers of the lower wing of my old Ultrafly Outrage bipe, the grey fuse sides are from some depron scraps I found in our storage unit (I purchased the original depron sheet in 2006) and lastly the white vertical stab and rudder are from some depron-like foam (woodlak) I purchased in South Korea while my wife and I were teaching English there during 2007-2008. Scrappy might thus be a more appropriate name for this little Tubby. Oh and the pushrods are the original from the very first Tubby. I found them in my parts container.

The wheels were Trexler 3” balloon wheels, I finally decided to splurge and buy these wheels earlier this year as they were the...Continue Reading