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Posted by Correa | Jan 23, 2011 @ 02:22 AM | 3,244 Views
Inspite of grand visions of how I would fly even before my household goods arrived, I was only able to fly for the first time today, full 6 months after coming back to Korea.
Bottomline up front, it was a successful day of flying with one maiden and another "second maiden" Afterall, it was the first time she flew in Korea.

Weather forecast was for snow but it was not snowing by 9 AM. So, I packed my box and 3 planes - DG-1000 with retractable motor, Xeno with tuning power pack, and an 800 mm wingspan bind and play e-glider called Kinetic 800 from Hobby King, formerly known as Hobby City in Hong Kong.

I headed out to the only authorized RC airfield in Seoul along the Southern bank of Han River, on the East part of the City. I remember flying in this area prior to my departure from Korea back in 2006. However, a new run way is paved with ample separation from the Olympic Highway (#88), closer to the river. Even with the threat of snow and below freezing temperatures, about a dozen RC pilots were out there with various planes ranging from EPP trainers to hotliners. I witnessed twice the gentleman flying the hotliner land his composite plane on the runway without tipping or flipping. Kudos!

Couple of weekends ago, one of the pilots there this morning had to walk out onto the frozen river to retrieve his ducted fan jet. I had seen this video on a Korean RC website and was glad to see him in person. He says his personal goal is to walk across the...Continue Reading
Posted by Correa | Feb 23, 2007 @ 11:49 PM | 3,893 Views
While my two kids and I were skate boarding at HanGang Riverside Park in the Spring of 2001, we found an airplane hovering still in the sky. We thought it was a kite but we could not find the string. When we approached it, we found the pilot with th R/C transmitter. Intrigued, we decided to learn to fly R/C glider.

We ordered Skeeter from Tower Hobbies but found the single sheet of plan and sticks in the box too daunting to even attempt to put together. We called for help from the Korea Model Airplane Association and got referred to a glider builder, Mr. Yong Ki Kim. He started my kids off with two trainer gliders and we were off to flying.

My kids lost interest long ago but my interest grew into an addiction that I am barely managing to recover from

These are the planes I have built and flown over those years:
1.5m hand launch glider
Astroflight 010 motorized HLG
Redback foam slope racer
Avenger II DLG
2.3m v-tailed glider
Channel 1.8m F5B
Hobby Lobby's c-Hawk 2.5m Rudder & Elevator
Hobby Lobby's Puma Impulse 2.5m Aileron, V-tail
Soaring USA's X-Caliber 3.3m all carbon Sport glider A/F/R/E
Multiplex Cargo
Super Dimona (semi-scale motorized glider)
Light Stick - scratch built
Apache Dragonfly (original & II)
Esprit Model's Bird 3000, better version of Bird of Time
Blaster DLG
Easy Star x 7
Great Planes Siren
Easy Glider, non-motorized
JK Flight's Zenith slope racer
JK Flight's Spitfire foamy Warbird
"New Hope" scratch built motorized glider