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Posted by ben1101 | Oct 31, 2011 @ 06:30 AM | 2,971 Views

Here I am some 5 to 6 years after first picking up a cheap dynam 4 channel "hughes 300" FP heli, and now I am working on Autonomous avionics systems - with a vision to work out how to get all this fantastic technology that has bloomed over the last 10 years and develop systems and applications that will have invaluable scientific, social and if not either of those, massive entertainment value (for me) really trying to be a part of the drive to create the next generation of UAV applications and utilities!

Here are some pics of my prototype system where I am starting the journey with the Arducopter 2 system, and will be particularly focused on vision automation systems, optical flow, single aperture radar, real time event coverage among a million and one other applications for this tech -

Although my life has had its ups and downs, I have always had my passion for Helicopters and their design to pull me through - and for the past couple of years I have been working towards the systems that this prototype will test!

Starting with the 300 size 4 channel FP helis, I found that the skill required to accurately maneuver those machines and fly the pitiful rate gyro held tail meant that moving onto larger machines was made very easy - I have built and flown many helis from tiny 100 size CP machines to 800mm (1.8m dia) gas powered beasts (My last attempt was with a Robbe Futura, a G26puh and 800mm bblades however circumstances turned for the worst and I ended up losing the machine - however I Kept researching like an obsessive aspergers nerd over every piece of literature and photos of Aerial Photography machines whilst keeping an eye on the ever maturing and ever cheaper stabilization technology until I could finally get back on my feet for another red hot go with this Raptor 90 converted to a Gasser

More later
Posted by ben1101 | Aug 20, 2006 @ 04:39 PM | 4,306 Views
Hello, I will be adding much to this blug in the interests of flybarless design and experiments, lots of interesting stuff on the way! Thanks to Rosella for supplying me with a 4 bladed head to experiment with! Go to for his online hobby shop!

I will be doing lots of experimentation with FP flybarless designs, mainly motivated by budget (or lack therof) May my crashes be your entertainment.

So if anyone stumbles onto this and has any sort of experience with flybarless micro's please dont hesitate to post! Your comment may save me $$ in crashes!

Anyway, enjoy! I expect to have the first platform running in 4-5 weeks.

two are already made up, will post details later... waiting for electrics.