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Posted by teccer1234 | Aug 21, 2009 @ 02:15 PM | 3,316 Views
since I've been using 2.4g radio (2 years) the only probem I've had is the odd miss which was very unusual until it was pointed out to me that the battery switch I was using was not up to the job so now without a switch, all is heaven............just as it should be

thanks to another guy (flypapa) who pointed me towards a good web site (exposureroom) I'm now able to get good quality vids online, if your interested then have a look at the first 3 I've put on, the dog was just to test the website, the testing of the ez* was similar, the last for the moment is flight to 1612ft it's the first time I've been able to manage to put a full video online as exposureroom has no limit, time or size.

dog video

testing ez* after takingout the switch

takeoff to landing

I found the video quality was superb better than any other sites I've tried

another short vid of La Manga, just loaded