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Posted by teccer1234 | Oct 16, 2006 @ 05:45 PM | 5,989 Views
after many changes at last I have managed to get rid of all glitches 100%.

for all internal causes/interference, putting the esc outside on top near the motor, covering all servo cables with coax shielding and foil covering the rx,that stopped about 80%......see pic but that didn't stop outside interference, HT transformers, HT lines or electric cattle fences but after fitting multiplex sinth IPD rx it solved all problems, plus no rx xtals to worry about.

it's such a good feeling when it goes up to 600-700ft motor running flat out without a single miss, in the past I always got some glitches on the way up.

with the video cam onboard, on playback you can hear the IPD rx clicking everytime it encounters interference............the last 15min flight I counted around 30 clicks but there was no interference to the ez*whatsoever

looking back now it wasn't the end of the problems but now all is sorted..2.4g the way to go