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Posted by parkerinc | Aug 19, 2006 @ 02:17 AM | 48,527 Views
I thought since the other thread found here
was getting to be a bit long and jumbled with posts about delivery dates and such I would start a new thread. Post up modifications, pictures, videos or just ask questions on how to's and what ifs and leave the other thread for the "When the heck is Wally World going to ship mine out".
I'll start:
I have modified my Storm Launcher with 2 Fiagos and am running stock props and a Tanic pack 730mAh LiPo. Pictures and videos to follow.

I would like to start by saying I have read several posts where people are having trouble with having enough power to get in the air. You do need to break-in the motors for at least one pack maybe more before you get the full potential out of the motors. UAV said that they should be doing this at the factory but it seems that maybe they are not doing it, so I thought I should say it upfront to help those with there new SL.

Also this is a GREAT candidate for brushless setups (then again what isnt)

The following is a list that was posted at the begining of the other thread courtesy of Barnyardflyer and has several very good modificatios and instructions in it so i thought I would post it here as well:

Ernest Butler suggests the following mods can be tried, but are not really necessary.

1. Even though thats a really good battery, and it comes with it's own protective case and is self plugging, you can run larger capacity...Continue Reading
Posted by parkerinc | Aug 18, 2006 @ 06:09 PM | 6,714 Views
I thought I would start this blog to have a place to make announcements for our new and growing club.
If you live in central or north central Indiana you are welcome to join us. We have locked in several great places to pry our wares including; The RCA Dome a few times a year, Hinkle Field House, Conseco Field House (Thanks goes to my wife for helping to get this one), Hamilton Hieghts gymnasium, and several very nice large fields that we have for those nice summer-spring-and fall days.
Over the next few days I will try and get more pictures of the outdoor fields and also get a calendar of events posted. We will be sponsoring several fly-in events throughout the year for diferent charities ie: The Spinal Research Foundation (As my father suffers from a spinal cord injury resulting loss of function in all but one arm and hand, so this group holds a speacial place in my heart) and many others. We have also been in contact with the Indianapolis Police Department PALS program to help offer underprivledged youths the oppertunity to realize the fun that is RC flight.

If you would like a calendat of our meeting times and directions to our next event please feel free and email me