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Posted by Graham 65 | Jul 15, 2012 @ 03:55 PM | 12,581 Views
This is a rather late update on the electric Bubble Dancer build.
The delay was mostly a lack of progress when it came to the fuselage pod. I should have built everything else and then would have had more reason just to get on with it. Anyway after much huffing and puffing and buying composites materials and endless thread reading progress did eventually start. The first plug got destroyed when I tried to mould a canopy and stuck the mould to it. oh dear me.
Second plug was made from MDF which is quite easy to sand to shape and reasonably tough. This was sealed with epoxy and painted with rattle cans.
A canopy mould was made and with PVA released ok. Phew ee. On to the parting board and then the moulds, this went ok some bubbles trapped and the first side was not left long enough before the glass was added but it works. Bubbles fixed and first fuselage popped out, the wet seem was poorly joined. More help from RC groups and number 2 was a good seem but wrong cloth due to shortage, number 3 is a keeper, could do better, and will, but need to get on!
Finished tails and sanding, joined parts to fuselage and boom, covered the wings after much sanding and its ready to fly.
AUW 1315g or 46.7oz inc 3s 1300 pack and HL switch
First flight Saturday 14 July, awful morning then cleared and clouds bubbled nicely, very little wind. Clubmate Steve took some photos and then it was time to fly. Full power and a good chuck and away she goes. Slight adjustment to the elevator setting...Continue Reading