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Posted by WhatHappened | Dec 14, 2007 @ 06:47 PM | 2,586 Views
Here are my planes as of 8/01/08, and some information about them. Planes ordered in the order of purchases.

Multiplex Easy Star-First plane, learned to fly on it.
Type:Nice flying trainer
54" Wingspan
36" Length
Speed Range~10-65mph
Power System,
Mega 16/15/4 with 6x4APCE
Castle Creations 36amp Thunderbird.
Hitec Micro Receiver- +1 mile range
2200mah Polyquest 12C LiPo
RTF Weight: 1lb 14.9oz /// 876g

SloFly Mini 28- Second plane, learned to fly with aileron with it. Pretty good 3D performance.
Type:Small 3D trick plane
28" Wingspan
~25" Length
Speed range-0-15mph
Power Set up:
Custom Wound Bluewonder with GWS 8x4DD
18Amp Thunderbird ESC
Micro BlueBird Receiver ~700ft range
900mah Advanced Battery factory 20C Lipo x2
RTF Weight: 7.85oz /// 222g

Ohio Combat Guillotine-Smaller wing, has stripe in the middle, first wing.
Type:Speed Flying Wing
32" Wingspan
No Length
Top Speed:60-80mph
Power set up:
Custom Wound Blue wonder with 5.5x4.5 or 6x4 APCE
18 Amp Speed Control
Micro Hitec Receiver +1 Mile range
1200mah PolyRC 10C battery
RTF Weight:1lb 4.6oz /// 585g

Ohio Combat Sledgehammer:Second wing, built after Guillotine
Type: Delta Wing
48" Wing Span
No Length
Top Speed-100-120mph
Power Set up:
Arc 28x37-3 with 5.1x4.1, or 5.5x4.5 or 6x5.5
50 Amp Speed Control
Micro Hitec Receiver +1 Mile Range
2200 4s Airthunder 25C Battery
RTF Weight: 2lb, 15oz

Heres the pictures:
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