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Posted by Big Bad Wulf | Aug 13, 2014 @ 11:31 AM | 2,306 Views
Hi all,

I thought I would post some nose art that I made up for my Mosquito. The idea came from my young son, who had just seen the latest Godzilla movie with me.
I shamelessly used some graphics I found online (not copyrighted as far as I can tell) and then made some simple modifications.
I use the Testors decal system, where you print the image on a regular inkjet printer, then spray a clear coat over it and let it dry. Then you use it like a regular water decal. There are two types of paper you can use--clear or white. Since inkjets can't print in white, if there is white on your image you have to use the white paper so it has the white in the background. For this image I used the clear paper and I find the clear makes a better job because it's thinner than the white version.

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Description: Godzilla nose art decal
Posted by Big Bad Wulf | Aug 13, 2014 @ 11:15 AM | 2,239 Views
Hi guys,

For my first ever blog post I decided to share a recent experience with my brand new Parkzone Mosquito:

Last night I was doing some final checks of my Mossie, including a range check and then a motor run-up. During the motor run I felt an odd vibration from the left wing so I shut it down and flipped it over for an inspection.
Much to my dismay I discovered the plastic connection at the wing/fuselage for the left wing had completely disintegrated!
I knew immediately what had caused it--Loctite. I had put a small drop (not small enough obviously) on the screw but must have got some on the plastic, and fortunately the other side was still fine. So I made up a thin plate, epoxied it to what remained of the left wing tab, so that when the wing was on the plate crossed the fuselage over to the remaining good connection where it uses the same screw as the other wing. Disaster averted for now, but next time I'll be using a drop of glue or plastic compatible Loctite.