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Posted by Dan.Cummins | Jun 24, 2010 @ 02:19 AM | 11,641 Views
Here is a little tool that I made up from a verbal description of a tool that a legendary builder used to drill and/or align drive pins on his TWF wings.

Tool basically plugs into the wing tube, and uses the upper pin to set the location of the lower hole where you will drill your wing root for your TWF drive pin.

The way the tool works is simple. The wing rod and the drive pin need to be parallel in all directions. To make the tool, you simply use a drill press to drill two parallel holes at your particular spacing. Enlarge the aft hole to the diameter of your wingrod. Then drill your upper pin such that it will rest on the top skin of the wing when the drive pin hole is in the correct location top to bottom on you wing root.
Posted by Dan.Cummins | Jun 18, 2010 @ 12:40 AM | 11,825 Views
***G3 UPDATE ***

Here's a quick bench fly of the new tails and wings for the updated WTwF .

As an effort to continually develop improvements to the WTwF, I laid up some 60" wings and bagged some tails so I could do a little MOM racing at Blossom Valley.

Fuse is a shortened rebuild of the original.....I am calling this one WTwF SC for "short coupled". We are hoping that this one can pull through the corners even better than the original planform:

Wings: 60", AG04 @8.5%
Fuse: 35" vice 38" original
Tail: 8020 @7%

Tail is removable, and the wings have magnetic attachment on wing rod


Here is a new 2M wing I laid up for the WH TWF. Came out pretty clean. For the next set I'll make the mylars about 3mm longer cordwise to make the LE exposure a little thinner.

Foil: Modified AG04
Root: 7"
Tip: 4.5"
Span: 2M (total, 38" per wing)
Sweep: 1.25"

Layup: 3.2 glass on bias, 4.1 Uni 2" strip, 3.2 glass bias.

LE: Kevlar, Uni, 5.7 Carbon Cloth

Tips: Extra 1.5" strip top/bottom for burlyness.