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Posted by Dan.Cummins | May 31, 2010 @ 01:35 PM | 12,401 Views
Wing tube drill jig
I need to drill some wing tube holes for some TWF wings, and I need to dial in as much dihedral as I can get between the top skin and bottom skin over 5 or 6 inch wing tube....so I made up this little wing tube drill jig.

It allows me to set the root entry point (wing in the bed), and then the maximum dihedral (wing out of the bed, extend drill tube until it just touches the bottom bed).

Materials used for Wing Tube Drill Jig:

- 3/8" brass tube (for 11/32 wing tube for 5/16 wing rod)
- Two 1/4"-20 brass button head machine screws + nuts + washers
- 8"chunk of 1X3 poplar
- Two chunks of a wood yard stick

Materials used for Sub-Rib Drill:

- 1/2" Copper Pipe Repair Coupler
- 1/4" Piano wire for handle