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Posted by Dan.Cummins | Aug 30, 2009 @ 02:19 PM | 12,484 Views
UPDATE 03 JAN 2010: Cameron made his first solo flight today at Mt. Laguna. Conditions were light, and the lift band was out a ways, but he flew about 45 minutes, and greased his first landing!

My 10 year old son is showing some interest in slope flying, so we cut and built this wing. He doesn't have the attention span for long builds, so he was only a part time helper after the spackle and sanding phase.

MAIDEN REPORT: Wing flew well at Parker Mountain on Saturday. Wing performed EXCELLENT! Winds were light, but it still got it going about 78 mph on the backside, and flew on the front side til dark! Fast wing, great inverted performance, great recovery (Thanks Pismo).

CG = 175mm
AUW = 26 oz
Nose weight needed to balance = 2 oz

Build Specs:

Airfoil Alain Zutter - Modified
Wing Material = 1.3 EPP
1 carbon tube spar full span on the high point of the wing
Basswood drag spar
Balsa elevons, glass with 1.4 oz glass, covered with Ultracote
Double bias strapping tape parallel to TE
Double bia strapping tape on the LE
Ultracote covering
Twirler tape on LE covered by clear packing tape
Elevons attached with Blend Derm tape.
Standard Hitec servos (HS-311)
5 Cell RX pack (Enyloop AA)
RX= Electron 6
Standard Hitec switch
Deans mini FM plug flush mounted for charging batteries
2mm coroplast custom winglets attached with #8 binding post screw/post
Tips have 32nd ply gooped in place to help attach winglets.
Control Rods = 2mm carbon rod with 2-56 adapter on servo end, nylon Dubro clevis on elevon end
Throws = 5mm pitch ; 10mm roll
TX setup with 50% exponential to keep it flyable with lots of roll when you want it!
Posted by Dan.Cummins | Aug 17, 2009 @ 12:41 AM | 12,807 Views
This is a Wingeron that I am working on. The Fuse and the Wing Block are Ward Hagaman's handy work, I just took the liberty to anodize aluminum bits to toughen up a little and make em look pretty.

*** UPDATE ***

New wings. 60" RG14 mod (DD) Root and SD7003 Tip. 4.1 Uni, 3.2 glass on bias, 1.4 veil. Basswood tips. Painted in the mylars.

The V-Tails are removable. The tails are just 1/8" light balsa with two layers of .75 glass on the bias...

Canopy is held on via windshield wiper blade metal ribs with a notch bent into it to catch the front lip of the canopy opening.


Root Wing = 7" - DD928416
Tip Wing = 5" - SD7003
Sweep = 0.875
Wingspan = 60"
Dihedral = yes a little

Root Tail = 4.5"
Tip Tail = 1.75"
sweep tail = 2.75"
*Next up larger tail surfaces

Tail moment = 24"

Incidence = 0-0

AUW 37 w/new wings 0 ounces of lead in the nose.

CG (tuned) = 36% MAC