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Posted by Dan.Cummins | Sep 20, 2008 @ 08:10 PM | 15,295 Views
******UPDATE: Link to low res video.......:


More flying today (Friday) at Nakalele. Wind came up nicely. Got to fly with Brian C and his Bluto. Got in some great super high pumps coordinated with the Bluto and FA side by side......doesn't get much better.

Logged a couple of hours of flying at Nakalele on Wednesday. Wind came up to +/- 20 mph, and the FA really came alive. Found that you need every bit of roll authority that you can muster...I may even go down one more hole on the elevon control horns to get more roll. Inverted flight needed just a slight nudge of fwd stick. Added another 7g of nose weight to alleviate tucking on dives....I think we got it right now.


FA has been maidened and is ready for some BIG AIR.

Purpose build to be ultra packable. All electronics are burried in the wing. Fuse only contains ballast in the nose, and holds the tail. LMA has top & bottom buzzers

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