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Posted by voyager2lcats | May 15, 2010 @ 05:30 PM | 3,740 Views
Okay, I have been working on this model for months (no exaggeration, nor am I proud of that fact!). But this baby is very light (no I haven't weighed it yet) and it has 100 watt output on its EMAX CF2822 so it should fly nicely once I get the tail wheel on there. Anyway, here are some near-end-of build pics. Oh yes, here is a link to my build thread if anyone is interested: My apologies to everyone trying to link to my build thread. The url is now correct.
Posted by voyager2lcats | Sep 17, 2008 @ 02:15 PM | 3,767 Views
I purchased an E-Flite P-47 back in late July and just finished repairing the shipping damage as well as covering part of it with silk and water-based polyurethane. I maidened it yesterday using the stock motor using a 2250 mAh LiPo and I was suitably impressed with the power and crisp control response. It wasn't a great job of piloting on my part, but the damage was pretty minimal considering I landed in a tree! A few dings, but none the worse for wear. She will definitely fly soon. I just need a left landing gear leg and the black plastic brace that holds it into the wing.
The stock motor has plenty of power for vertical and loops easily from level flight- I did four consecutive loops. If you are good at working with foam building, then this is the plane for you because you will need those skills now that E-Flite no longer sells this plane.
Posted by voyager2lcats | Dec 02, 2007 @ 03:24 PM | 3,668 Views
Flew the stock Cox P-40 again today. Conclusion: glides beautifully but the stock 130 motor doesn't lift. I ended up doing power on glides without any climb. The plane flies but won't fly level or climb. I don't think it's the battery (220 mah NiMH Cox brick), but it could be. I may have to try ROG with this via landing gear or get a brushless 12 mm motor like the Feigao 1204386L(?) or similar type. The 130 hasn't gotten much use so maybe it just needs a break-in period. I ended up cracking the nose and the fuselage on the left wing fillet. I was getting some glitching from somewhere as well, so it could have affected motor performance. Who knows? It's a shame because this plane floats very nicely and if I could get some height it would fly great. No yaw, no rolling, just straight as an arrow. It will get heavier now that I need to Gorilla glue it again. I know that I can get this thing to go; just need some decent juice.

P.S. I pulled out my multimeter and checked the voltage on the 220 Mah NiMH battery on this plane, and it is undercharged. I guess that is an easy fix.
Posted by voyager2lcats | Jun 07, 2007 @ 03:14 PM | 4,013 Views
I recently completed a Cox Wings P-40 Warhawk and flew it. Well, it was flying until I tried to turn it shortly after launch. I panicked and tried to correct its flight path even though it didn't really need correcting. Result: slow speed stall and left roll into ground. Cracked the nose and glued it with Gorilla glue. Canopy popped off and I accidentally stepped on it, making it slightly unusable. I have just finished the new canopy which I built from scratch out of some plastic covering that some small boxes came in. The plastic is similar to styrene (heck, it probably is styrene), so after I made a mock canopy out of paper and folded it to shape, I made a stencil out of cardboard and used an x-acto knife to cut out the plastic. I took a 1 inch dowel from my son's toy blocks and taped the back half of the canopy onto the dowel which I heated in the kitchen oven (about 250-300 degrees F.) It curved around the dowel and I quickly cooled it off in the air. Late, I glued the canopy on with Elmer's glue and it looked great. I will hopefully post some pictures of it soon. Next time I am going to let this little warbird fly mostly on its own.