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Posted by tosjduenfs | Jun 13, 2012 @ 06:33 PM | 3,142 Views
Before starting assembly I suggest you read the entire assembly guide to get an idea of how the frame comes together, it may save you some time in the long run.

Note: I recommend using blue loctite or a similar thread locker on each screw to ensure they will not loosen with vibration.

Note: When inserting the tabbed pieces into their corresponding slots you will notice they initially go in only half way. This is per design, to prevent damage to the frame do not push them in the rest of the way until told to do so.

Note:You'll notice in your kit you may have 4 standoffs that are thicker and slightly longer than the rest. These are for the protector plate.

1.) Remove all internal cutouts on each frame plate, a twisting motion is best, go slowly. Using a tool to punch them out is best but if you use your fingers be careful not to harm yourself. TAKE YOUR TIME.

2.) I suppose this step is optional but it is also one I recommend. With the included emery board file down the small tabs that were used to hold the parts during machining.

3.) Take 1 arm plate and in each hole insert a screw and a standoff and tighten them with the included hex wrench.

Insert a motor mount plate and landing gear plate. Place a second arm plate on top being sure to line up the tabs for the motor mount plate and landing gear plate. Insert and tighten a screw into each standoff.

You'll notice that the motor mount plate and landing gear plate are not yet sitting flush into...Continue Reading