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Posted by tosjduenfs | Jun 13, 2012 @ 06:33 PM | 3,144 Views
Before starting assembly I suggest you read the entire assembly guide to get an idea of how the frame comes together, it may save you some time in the long run.

Note: I recommend using blue loctite or a similar thread locker on each screw to ensure they will not loosen with vibration.

Note: When inserting the tabbed pieces into their corresponding slots you will notice they initially go in only half way. This is per design, to prevent damage to the frame do not push them in the rest of the way until told to do so.

Note:You'll notice in your kit you may have 4 standoffs that are thicker and slightly longer than the rest. These are for the protector plate.

1.) Remove all internal cutouts on each frame plate, a twisting motion is best, go slowly. Using a tool to punch them out is best but if you use your fingers be careful not to harm yourself. TAKE YOUR TIME.

2.) I suppose this step is optional but it is also one I recommend. With the included emery board file down the small tabs that were used to hold the parts during machining.

3.) Take 1 arm plate and in each hole insert a screw and a standoff and tighten them with the included hex wrench.

Insert a motor mount plate and landing gear plate. Place a second arm plate on top being sure to line up the tabs for the motor mount plate and landing gear plate. Insert and tighten a screw into each standoff.

You'll notice that the motor mount plate and landing gear plate are not yet sitting flush into...Continue Reading
Posted by tosjduenfs | Mar 13, 2012 @ 09:33 PM | 3,064 Views
This is my new FPV quad that I am working on. I will mount all of the FPV gear in a box mounted on a boom forward of the frame. The battery is mounted in the rear to balance the quad. I plan on putting all of the fpv gear in one box so that I can swap it between this quad and a tri all I have to do is loosen a couple screws and disconnect one jst connector for power. It is about 24" motor to motor. I am swapping the motors to DT750s for more power. FC is a KK+ board. The booms are 3/8" poplar covered in black heat shrink.
Posted by tosjduenfs | Mar 06, 2012 @ 08:39 PM | 3,738 Views
Although it is pretty straight forward to build this frame. These instructions may save a few people some headaches.

Tip: Look at all the pictures before you start assembling.

Note: The holes should be TIGHT this is to ensure the booms stay firmly in place and do not wiggle in their joints. If the holes are too tight then widen them with a needle file or a #34 drill.

Note: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE NYLON SCREWS. They do not need to be much more than hand tight. Use a narrow handled screw driver to reduce the amount of torque you can put on them.

Note: It may be easier to attach the landing gear plates before putting the booms in the frame. Just plan ahead to ensure they will be where you want them.

Note: This frame uses 3/8" poplar booms. You can buy these at Lowes or Menards. They are $1 for a 3ft long piece.

1.) First of all we must first attach the battery plate to one of the center plates. You'll need 4 screws, 4 nuts, and the 4 four spacers. In this picture the battery is mounted for an X style quad. If you plan on building a + style quad then mount the battery plate 45 degrees from what is shown.

2.) Then you'll need to put the screws or standoffs in for your flight controller, unless you'll be using double sided foam tape. These are not included in the kit. The holes are drilled for 4-40 sized screws. As you will see there are holes to mount kk (45mm) boards and CC (30.5mm) boards, you can mount them in either the + or X configuration.

3.)...Continue Reading