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Posted by niner555 | Jan 11, 2009 @ 10:18 PM | 4,468 Views
Took out the HET F-20 today with the Eagletree stand-alone airspeed sensor hooked up. I was able to get 116 mph out of the F-20 straight and level! I was pretty happy with that, didn't think it would get much over 100 mph.
Posted by niner555 | Jan 03, 2009 @ 04:28 PM | 5,155 Views
I recently purchased a Sig BF-109 and was really in the mood to create a very high performance warbird. The only builds I have seen on this particular bird have been fairly tame, 500-600 watt power trains.

I decided to set mine up for bungee launching and belly landing as this would ensure very clean aerodynamics and light weight.

This kit is of excellent quality and the wing comes pre-joined, so there is very little to do but the basic assembly. The only downsides to the kit are the scale spinner. It blew up on me the first time I ran the prop above 10,000 rpm . OK, maybe I shouldn't have expected it to live at higher speeds, but I think Sig needs to address the issue with a better spinner in the kit. In their defense though, I contacted their customer service and told them of the problem and they promptly sent me one of their gasser spinners at no cost..... So A+++ for Sig's customer service! The spinner's not very scale, but it will get me in the air until I make a custom one.


Airframe Specifications
Wing Span: 48 in.
Wing Area: 396 in²
Length: 42.5 in.
Flying Weight: 64 oz AUW
Wing Loading: 23.3 oz./ft²

Medusa 28-56-1900 V2 motor
MEC Super Box 4 to 1 ratio
Castle Creations 45HV ESC
8S, 2200 mah lipo flight pack (2 qty. 4S, 2200mah)
APC 10 x 7 prop
13,600 prop rpm, 90.2 mph pitch speed
1250 watts (30.5 volts @ 41 amps)
312 watts per pound

The maiden went well with the exception of some issues with the...Continue Reading