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Posted by niner555 | Dec 06, 2008 @ 10:56 PM | 7,182 Views
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OK, a friend of a friend had some "rc plane" gathering dust in the attic and asked me if I wanted to take it, because it was probably going to end up in the garbage....

Well, I couldn't resist, so I went and stopped by and was given this..... an unflown, assembled Hangar 9 Ultra Stick! It also included a Thunder Tiger 40 engine, receiver and most importantly...5 servos.

The tail surfaces were broken off, but a little 5 minute epoxy and TLC and now this bird is ready.

I am selling all the gasser stuff and going to electrify the bird. I normally fly much smaller, faster planes, but hey, this should be a fun project and it looks like these Ultra Sticks are fully aerobatic.

I have already ordered a big Suppo outrunner for her as well as a Suppo 70 amp ESC from Light Flight RC. Great service from Light Flight RC and GREAT shipping on $75.00 or more orders.

Here are the specs on the motor and ESC:


319g Outrunner
Kv: 640, Rm: 0.015, io: 3.2A, Poles: 14
Max efficiency: 25 - 50A
Max amps: 70A for 60sec
Shaft is 6mm
Dimensions: 50mm x 45mm
New "U" Version

SP 70 Amp ESC

Compact 70 amp Brushless ESC
70 amps continuous, 85 amps burst
55mm x 35mm x 8mm, 60g plus 3g bullets
Handles 4-8 LiPo cells
Programmable LiPo or NiMh cutoff
Programmable brake
Low resistance

55 amp Max 6S-7S
40 amp Max...Continue Reading