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Posted by linkadrip | Aug 02, 2011 @ 03:04 AM | 3,750 Views
Yep i bought the beer cooler sail plane, And have been out flying it. Pretty cool plane & has been fun. Put a camera on it yesterday, since its 12:00 a.m. now. It was yesterday. The camera was just a little to much for the glider, Dragged it down acting like an airbrake and overheated the ESC, and the automatic theremal protection kicked in and shut the motor down So i glided it in for a landing. Back to the drawing board think i'll try a side mount flight, The camera really isnt that heavy but considering this glider doesn't have allot of wing loading it just maybe to much for it to handle. We shall see other then that its been a really fun plane to take out and toss around. 30 minutes flights are pretty nuts. But its all good happy to have something to take out and toss around again.
Posted by linkadrip | Jul 13, 2011 @ 04:53 PM | 3,065 Views
Thinking about getting into Slop soaring here in Tehachapi, Since there does't seem to be any place to fly a big nitro burning RC plane anymore, flight field in sand canyon all grown over now. Thanks to the Wind power people so i was flying up in mountain meadows off a dirt road when the grass was low but its gotten pretty thick now not a very good place anymore. So think its time to try Gliding since Tehachapi seems to be the soaring place & its always breezy or windy here.
Posted by linkadrip | Aug 31, 2009 @ 12:14 PM | 3,497 Views
Well i havent posted anything on here in awhile. finally got that darn ol p-51 mustang in the air was an intresting maiden flight.
P 51 Maiden flight 8/29/2009 (5 min 13 sec)
Next weekend is going to be intresting when i get it back up in the air for another go.
Posted by linkadrip | Apr 06, 2009 @ 09:38 PM | 4,129 Views
Tehachapirc @ CA Jets 2009 (22 min 41 sec)

Posted by linkadrip | Jul 26, 2008 @ 12:03 AM | 4,754 Views
Well for awhile now i have been fighting this GMS 120 trying to get it to run right. Made a mod to the carb apperently the manufacture didnt install the spray bar in the carb correctly and was out of alighnment so the fuel inlet nipple wasnt not alighned with the spray bar hole. Casuing a constriction. So i drilled it out very carefully as to not damage the threads that the fuel inlet nipple use. and used a peice of fuel line blew through it and that was fixed. But it still wasnt running right and dieing. So i put it up for some time.

Finally the other day i decided well lets try something else so i replaced the O ring on the high speed needle and no it runs without dieing still sags some. and needs the low speed needle leaned out for a good smooth transition it spits and sputters and blows a big trail of smoke in the mid range. So i'll fly it and try leaningmy low out and with any luck will get a good smooth transition and be happy.

Still i ordered a MACs black muffler for it since i still feel its not getting enough fuel pressure. I know that the pitts muffler can be crimped and plugged and have done all that then it gets to much pressure and doesnt run right. Due to the restiction i guess. But fo the time being its running bettr then it ever has so i'll fly it like that for now and when my muffler arrives i'll mount it and retune most likely that will change but i think the engine will be a much better engine with a regular muffler on it just have to wait and see.

Flys pretty good with a 16X4W prop on it. Not real fast or anything but has alot of air flow over the control surface and makes it real manuverable.
Posted by linkadrip | Jun 25, 2008 @ 07:25 PM | 4,489 Views
Well for the past oh lets see 3 days. I have been fighting the SPE 26CC engine. technicaly it a BCMA SPE 26CC engine i guess there is a difference. Anyhow i had it mounted on a Twist 150 and have been fighting it since day one trying to get it to run right.
Cutting out and missing and sometimes working ok. But most the time i was tinkering with it instead of flying. So out of frustration i finally took it off the plane and put my GMS 120 engine on it and have had a couple of awesome flights.

So now i have this 26CC engine that i have fussed with. so i built a test stand for it monday and mounted it to the stand and fought with it the whole day and finally gave up. Second day rebuilt the carberator on it and checked the ignition wiring but apperantly not good enough, i'll get to that in a minute. So i then removed the igniton sensor form the crankshaft and took one of the washers off the top bolt so i could move it up a hair and whala it started and ran great.
So today i go out to run it again and see if anything changed. Argggg frustration again won't run got it to pop a couple times now and then, so this time i removed the metal spark plug cap cause i could here the arcing inside it. Pplug cap comprimised somehow. anyway i took the ground wire and attached it directly to the engine and Whalla started on the first flip of the prop everytime now. Yea now i have to find a plane to stick it in..

SPe 26CC Engine Success (1 min 18 sec)
Posted by linkadrip | Jun 22, 2008 @ 04:14 PM | 4,399 Views
Well its summer and boy is it hot dang not to much flying going on after 9:00AM. i went out today and flew my Aerobat 40 around its a SPAD. and it's fun crashed it twice and clean it off put the wing back on and back in the air. Tough plane but it wont flat spin no no dont do it it wont recover and BLAMMM!!! into the ground wing poped off hurray for rubber bands. So was a fun morning flew 3 times then it started to get Hot and theres no shade. So time to pack it up and come home.

flew my Jumping Jack too early in the morning it'sa park flyer it flew pretty good but the landing was bad and broke my flimsy landing gear and the motor mount kinda understand why it wasnt a big seller but i'll make my own mount and fix that problem real fast cant wait to get it in the air again. just have to learn to land it. think i'll goto a place were theres grass the dirt field is just to much for the little plane at least on the grass it will have somethign soft to land on. untill next time lol

Posted by linkadrip | Mar 07, 2008 @ 05:37 AM | 4,626 Views
Well after 5 successful flights on my TwsiT 150 i finally had a deadstick. wasnt to happy about that. Tried to bring it in for a landing but the new site has some terriable cross winds and i was unable to line up and get back to the runway. luckly the ground was plowed near the end of the runway and i made it back to that point hit the ground and Tore my landing gear off and destroyed the prop.

But after 5 hours of work it is almost ready to go back in the air. some modifications were made Hoping to get a little more power out of the engine. and take some weight off the plane. Just in case a dead stick happens again dont want it stalling like it did before 2 feet off the ground.

Some pictures of the repaired landing gear and upgrade. just for the heck of it. Still have some Minor repairs to do and upgrades and checking over then it's back in the air.
Posted by linkadrip | Mar 03, 2008 @ 03:55 PM | 4,696 Views
Well the new fight Field is pretty Cool Have had 5 Flights there So far which were great. Maidened my Twsit 40 and the 150 and flew my Spitfire. But then the wheather turned bad again High winds and turned cold again. But Spring is coming and hopefully will be here Soon.

Just hope that No one screws up this area to fly, All people have to do is pick up there trash and now if i see trash laying around i pick it up. unless its to big. hope no one messes it up.

Just going to have to learn to land with the cross wind the Strip is aimed the wrong way. But So far have managed to land with the cross wind.

Posted by linkadrip | Feb 19, 2008 @ 03:38 AM | 4,590 Views
Well i live In Tehachapi Grew up here. So i guess i'm an old timer to the area. Started with the Cox Contol line planes back in the Seventies and was hooked on the hobby. Things were alot simpler then Schools were open and Flying a control line plane out on a School ground was no big deal. Things have sure changed, remember launchig model rockets 2 blocks from my house out in the fields which are now Full of houses. Everything has become so restictive now days what a shame we are loosing our freedoms.

Well i got into the Rc planes when i was a kid and use to fly them in the same place i use to launch rockets. So the town expanded and i had to go farther out of town to fly my planes. So i stopped the hobby for many years and it became a thing of the past life whent on.

Now many years later i decided to take up the hobby again with my son So the parkflyers got bought the ARFS got purchased and built and we went flying. For a year we had a great place to fly a nice big open field about a ten minute drive. flew there For about a year it was great. Then people started dumpin there garbage in the area. And not to long after that the nice free open land that was great for flying had been Posted No Trespassing.
The dump only about 5 miles further, but people are to dam lazy to go that extra few miles and pay a little to dump there Trash. And because of that A place that was great place to Fly is now off limits.
Thanks trashy people For ruining it
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