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Posted by pwu_1 | Jul 31, 2009 @ 10:34 AM | 2,273 Views
I've come to the conclusion that browsing RCGroups is really really bad for my wallet and my fiances!
In the last month, because of what I saw on RCGroups, I've bought 1 PT-17 Stearman, 1 Tigermoth 400, 1 A-10, 2 Hyperflow EDFs, some servos, 4 ESCs
Last night I started looking at the Multiplex Twister...
My wallet really hates me right now. I'd better stop browsing RCGroups or I might find something else interesting
Posted by pwu_1 | Jul 24, 2009 @ 02:56 AM | 2,849 Views
So I finally finished the GWS ME-109 that has been sitting around. Its amazing how a little 10 month old baby takes up all of one's time.
Anyway, the ME-109 paint colors look somewhat strange. It didn't turn out exactly like how I wanted it but I guess overall it looks ok. Total weight with no landing gear and 1800mah 3 Cell battery came out to be about 18.5 oz. A bit heavier than I was shooting for but still acceptable I guess. The plane balances right at 60 mm. Next up I have a GWS PT-17 Stearman and I'm also in the process of getting a GWS A-10. Then after that I have a GWS Tigermoth that I will be putting together. One day I will get to the formosa that is sitting in the closet to replace the one that I crashed.
Moved the receiver on the GWS Zero and placed it so one of the antenna actuall stick up and out of the plane but the plane is still not really passing range check. The range is a bit better but still not the 90 feet specified in the manual. Flying wise it flies ok, I just try not to fly it too far away.
Ever since I moved and resodered the D.E. Voltage Regulator and found that cold solder joint on the battery board the radio seems to be ok. No weird movements or loss of control. I will do a range check on my funworld the next time I go out...starting to think maybe the receiver in the Zero is messed up somehow.
Posted by pwu_1 | Jul 15, 2009 @ 06:54 PM | 2,702 Views
haven't posted in a while. Not much going on around here. The weather has been pretty windy recently so not much flying going on.
I decided to re-configure the electronics on my GWS Zero cuz I thought the CG was a bit off. Seemed like it was tail heavy cuz the elevator was really sensitive and it was pretty hard to fly....seemed like the last one was much easier to fly than this one. anyway, instead of adding dead weight to the front, I decided to use a 1800 mah battery instead of the 1300 mah battery I've been using. this changed the CG from roughly 55 mm up to 50 mm back from the Leading edge of the wing.
And boy, I didn't think it was going to make that huge of a difference. The new set up with the 1800 mah and balance at 50 mm made a huge difference. The elevator is not so sensitive now and it is actually enjoyable to fly the plane now.
The only problem I have now is that I had to move the receiver back under the wing and for some reason I'm not able to pass range check on the DX7 again. I can only go out about 30 feet before losing link...I thought all the issue with my DX7 has been fixed but now with this I don't know what to think. I did manage to fly 2 packs today but I tried not to let the Zero get too far from me. Probably going to try and move the receiver around again to see if I can get a better range check...probably try rebinding the receiver too.
But I guess overall I'm just surprised at how much difference a mere 5 mm in CG point can make such a huge difference in how the plane flies.
Posted by pwu_1 | Jun 04, 2009 @ 06:38 PM | 2,564 Views
Wow, is it June already? Its been a long while since I've updated my blog. Since the last entry, I managed to finish building my second GWS Zero. Pictures to come shortly. The plane came out decently nice. The bottom was painted orange again but I kind of screwed up in that I did not spray an undercoat of white to cover up the left over silver paint that I was not able to sand off. I thought the orange paint would cover it. I was wrong. I did learn that spraying a white under coat before spraying the lighter colors make the result look much better though.
Also, since the last entry, I managed to crash my Formosa too. I was flying the plane on a nice day and I was flying kind of low and headed for a building when I lost control of the plane(plane wasn't responding to control input). The formosa headed straight for the wall and wacked into the wall with a solid thud. Since the formosa was so beat up already, I decided not to repair it and just threw it out. After that I didn't fly for a couple of months because I wanted to figure out the problem rather than risk losing another plane.
Initially after the crash, as I was salvaging all the electronics out of the formosa, I noticed that my rudder servo was stripped. What wasn't clear to me was whether the force of the crash caused the servo to strip or the servo stripped, thus causing my esc to shut down. The formosa had been flying for almost a year without any issues(other than the couple of crashes caused by...Continue Reading
Posted by pwu_1 | Dec 09, 2008 @ 01:33 AM | 3,016 Views
So I finally finished up the Corsair tonight. Glassing takes a long time and a lot of effort but I think the results are worth it. I bought a zero to replace the one that crashed and they sent me a silver painted one by mistake and boy is that thing ugly. In a way I'm kind of glad they sent me a painted cuz now I can compare the bare foam painted one vs the glassed one. Glassed looks way better in my opinion. But it sucks cuz now I'm going to have to spend extra time and effort to sand off all the existing paint. The last one I put together weighed about 16 oz and I intend to make this one weigh the same.
Anyway, back to the Corsair. AUW with 3 Cell 1300mah battery, 4 servos(dual aileron servo) and switching BEC and NO landing gear came out to 18.4 oz. So almost 2 oz heavier than the instructions but I think it came out pretty decent considering the full house controls and the dual aileron servos.
Probably not going to maiden this one for a while. Maybe I'll even wait until I finish the Zero and the ME-109, haha
Posted by pwu_1 | Nov 25, 2008 @ 10:03 AM | 3,118 Views
Well, the Zero is gone. It happened yesterday. Still not sure exactly what happened but right now my thoughts are 1) bad servo, 2) bad speed controller and 3) bad receiver.
I was flying inverted and diving and trying to roll it into an upright position when all of a sudden the plane just rolled the opposite direction and dived directly into the ground.
I've been noticing recently that the aileron servo would do this weird thing where it kind of jumps or actually moves in opposite direction of my stick movement, and then jump back into the direction I want to move it. I notice this when I'm doing my pre-flight checks. But the thing is that it wasn't consistent, it would only do it maybe once and then stop so I didn't think much of it.
I'm pretty certain that this servo behavior is what caused me to loose the zero. The question is which component is to blame. I'm suspecting the servo because this is the first time that I'm using the cheap towerPro 9gram servo on the aileron and I think the aileron servo is the one that caused the crash. I don't know, maybe I had some binding issues or something that was causing the servo to jump around like that.. But I'm also thinking maybe its the speed controller, maybe the voltage to the servo is too hight? causing this erratic behavior(I can get the same kind of behavior to happen if I put my hand on the rudder servo horn and apply pressure when the servo is on). But yeah, I really don't know right now.
I'm really...Continue Reading
Posted by pwu_1 | Nov 12, 2008 @ 01:46 AM | 2,993 Views
So over the weekend I finally got some time to work on the GWS corsair a bit. I totally forgot to weigh the pieces before carbon fiber and glassing all the pieces. Oh well, I think I've pretty much given up on weighing everything every step of the way. I think I've accepted the fact that fiberglassing and painting pretty much adds about 2-3 ounces of weight to the plane. To me its totally worth it though since the plane feels so much more solid after the carbon fiber and fiberglass...not to mention the fact that I don't really worry much about hangar rash any more. But yeah, after glassing and carbon fiber, my formosa came out pretty strong. I've nosed it into the ground twice so far, once at about a 45 degree angle onto asphalt, then another time at 90 degrees into dirt. The second crash was severe enough to actually break a couple of the hinges on the elevator but each time the plane was fixable. I think if I didn't glass and carbon fiber it the plane probably would have been a total loss after the first crash into asphalt.
So anyways, the fiberglass on the Corsair came out with mixed results. My goal on the Corsair is to build it the best I can...the wing came out really good I think, but part of the fuse came out pretty nasty with lots of wrinkles and stuff. I'm hoping that I can sand it down even so that it'll look good after painting. I really like the new method of wiping down the parts with a wet paper towel after applying the WBPU. It seems to get...Continue Reading
Posted by pwu_1 | Nov 07, 2008 @ 12:43 PM | 2,956 Views
Since the last update, I finally worked up the courage to maiden the GWS Zero. The Zero was built with no landing gear since I usually land on grass anyway. So on the maiden, I gave it a little bit more than half throttle and threw it out there. First thing it did was it just kept climbing almost making a complete loop, good thing I'm left handed so my right hand was on the elevator stick already and I was able to give it some down elevator, otherwise I think it would of done a complete loop and hit me from behind, haha. Anyway, after the initial heart attack and frantic adjustments on the elevator sub-trim, I mange to get it kind of under control and was able to come around and land it without any other major issues. After I brought it down safely, I adjusted the elevator linkage a bit to give it a lil down elevator and reset the elevator sub-trim and threw it back out. This time it behaved much nicer and I was actually able to fly it for a little bit. The elevator still seemed touchy though and I decided that after I was done flying I was going to adjust the elevator throws on my radio and also dial in more expo for the elevator. After tweaking with the controls some more I am now flying the Zero pretty comfortably. I find that I can actually fly the Zero inverted much better than the Formosa.
So far the only damage the Zero has sustained is a cracked cowl, bent prop shaft, and broken prop from a bad landing(came in too slow and tip stalled but then I goosed...Continue Reading
Posted by pwu_1 | Oct 05, 2008 @ 04:20 AM | 3,261 Views
Well, back towards the middle of 2007, my interest for the hobby started to wane a bit. Part of the reason was because I moved to a different city where it seemed like it was always windy and I was afraid to fly in the wind. The other reason was I think because I got frustrated with a formosa that I built. I had read on the forums about covering foam with solite and how it makes the airframe so much stronger, etc etc, so I decided to try it. Anyway, I spent alot of time covering the formosa...the results were only mediocre at best. The plane never flew well, it would make this weird whistling noise at speed and sometimes you can actually see the ailerons vibrate when its making this noise. Anyways, the formosa lasted about 4 or 5 flights until I nosed it in to the ground. I still don't know what the heck happened but at the time I thought it was due to the solite covering. So after that I think I got pretty discouraged and flew less and less. Then I started reading about the superfly and how easy and forgiving it is and I kept thinking about getting one. Finally after a few months, I went and got it. I must admit, when I first started flying it I didn't really like it that much. It wasn't as fast as my WildWing and I didn't like the way it handled. Needless to say, I sucked at flying it so I kept crashing it. Despite the fact that the superfly is made out of epp, seems like every time I crash the superfly, the nose would break off. So after a few times trying...Continue Reading
Posted by pwu_1 | Sep 08, 2006 @ 03:58 PM | 6,419 Views
This will be my first attempt at doing a build log. The WildWing will be my 4th RC plane. So far I've only flown an E-starter(had 2 of those, first one lasted about a minute during maiden flight before it got close and personal with a tree). I've also built a formosa but haven't worked up the nerve to maiden it yet. With the WildWing I will attempt to build it as light as possible while still using the interfacing method outlined in one of the Delta Wing threads.
The instructions says flying weight should be between 15-18ozs but seems like alot of people in the wildwing thread are pushing close to 20 ozs. I'm hoping mine can come in at around 15oz with some 1350mah 2 cell lipos and around 18 with some 2100mah 3 cells. Whether that is possible or not remains to be seen. I've pretty much decided not to use the carbon fiber rods that comes with the kit but to use carbon fiber ribbons to strengthen the wing. I hope I am making the right decision.

Looks like I won't be able to meet my target weight of 15 oz with 2 cell. I weighed everything together and it weighed about 12 oz. But this is before putting on the interface material so I'm thinking it'll be more like 16 oz. Also, another problem is that even though I cut about 1 inch of the center trailing edge to mount the motor(so its closer to CG) looks like I still won't be able to balance the plane without adding weight to the Leading edge(or get a lighter motor).

Well I think this experiment can be...Continue Reading