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Posted by kevinhines | Jun 12, 2007 @ 09:13 PM | 13,236 Views
Here's some info about my small fleet of RC aircraft.

I began flying RC in the summer of 2006, and I have five aircraft, all electric, foam, park flyers. Here they are in order of aquisition and building:
-GWS Beaver
-GWS E-Starter
-GWS Formosa
-Multiplex EasyStar #1
-Multiplex EasyStar #2

Each of these planes has been destroyed (i.e., broken into at least two major chunks) at least a few times... And all are still flying. I guess I don't mind taking calculated risks with these foamies, I just repair them and they are ready to fly again. I don't fly near other people or their property, but I do fly near trees and the ground.

I have been learning to fly "Video Pilotage" aka "FPV (First Person View)", i.e., with a miniature, wireless video camera mounted in the plane, near the cockpit location, to fly by the imagery radioed down from the plane. I have had a few successful FPV flights, and a few "non-successful" FPV flights (i.e., crashed). FPV has brought the newbie excitement back to me, shaking hands, the adrenaline pumping, etc.

Here are some pix of the planes.

Clear Skies,

PS - Here's my hobby web site about robotics, I should update it with RC flying info: Reading