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Posted by anatoly | Jan 07, 2009 @ 12:21 AM | 5,352 Views
I finished setting up the head and tail today. I wound up with about 10.5 degrees collective, 8 degrees of cyclic on the ailerons, and 7 degrees of cyclic on the elevator. I would have had almost 12 degrees collective, but had to re-adjust the swash links and servo travel limits to prevent interaction with the bearing block. Previously I had about 9 degrees collective and didn't know about measuring the cyclic. In any case I'm guessing this will be much more aggressive.

While I was at it, I noticed that the upper mixing arms were loose so I tightened those up as well. I'm surprised the whole thing didn't just explode during flight.

I also did the initial setup on the new gyro, making sure to center the servo and adjust the travel pot to get maximum tail pitch in both directions without binding. I set 50% rudder expo as recommended, and adjusted the gain.

What's left to do: replace the 190mm flybar with the 220mm, and put the lighter paddles on. Then test fly and do blade tracking.
Posted by anatoly | Jan 05, 2009 @ 01:29 AM | 5,819 Views
Well, I still don't get enough stick time, especially with the new flight restrictions here in the DC area, so progress on improving my heli skills has been slow. I also sold my HBK2 a couple months ago, so I'm down to just the Trex 450 in this department. In the plane department, I finished a depron mini-Cassutt which is a heck of a great flyer, and I'm hoping to take it to a few upcoming indoor events this season.

With the helis, I have been stuck on backwards figure 8's for a little while, mostly due to lack of stick time and batteries; I managed to puff one of my Xcite 2200 packs, not even doing anything that demanding. I'm pretty sure one of the cells was weak and just couldn't take it. So I'm down to two flight batteries for the Trex, at least until I decide to order some more. Backwards figure 8's are progressing, but are still not very clean, so I will keep practicing until I get it right. I don't think simulator practice works very well for me in this case, because I think it makes backwards flight too easy.

Anyway, for the start of the year I decided to make a couple of component upgrades on the Trex. First, I decided to swap out my GY401 gyro for a JR D7703D, mostly because I want the constant piro rate for when my 3D skills progress. The other thing I'm upgrading is the motor: swapping out the stock Align 430L motor for a Scorpion HK2221-8v2, which I picked up used from another local flyer. I put in a new pair of ceramic bearings and got everything...Continue Reading