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Posted by anatoly | Jul 17, 2008 @ 04:43 PM | 7,036 Views
Woo hoo! Got some adrenaline flowing today.

I had a spare half hour and ran out to the park with the Honeybee King 2. No one around, perfect. After three months, I was feeling ready to try idle-up and I had already set up my curves. So I did a few figure 8's in normal mode, then hovered it a good 20 feet up and flip the idle up switch...

Nothing happens. Now I'm wondering: am I really in idle up? Ok, have to see if the lower half of the stick actually holds throttle, so I take it way up, and gradually lower the stick past half, and yes, the throttle holds, so I'm in idle up. I was thinking that except for a faster descent, it didn't really feel any different than normal flight mode since I was still right side up. I flew around some more, did a couple of circuits, no problem.

2nd pack. I take off, put it in idle up pretty quickly, and do some more fast figure 8's. I'm really trying to make them look good and smooth, moving the tail just the right amount so that it looks like I'm flying, not just sliding around the sky sideways. Then about half way through the pack the nerves had subsided and I was feeling pretty brave. I decided to try a flip.

I was thinking about how I did them in the simulator, just apply power, pull back on the elevator, and when it's upside down apply some down throttle. I figured what's the worst that could happen? I've already rebuilt it a handful of times, what's one more? I took it up about 40-50 ft, goosed the throttle a little, brought it back down around center and pulled back on the elevator, then gave it some negative pitch when it was upside down and... bingo, I was right side up again. The only problem was that the tail didn't hold very well, and I wound up with the tail facing about 60 degrees left instead of directly toward me. But that was easily recoverable. I will just have to play with the gain settings on the next flight and maybe upgrade to the 43T tail gear to get better hold.