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Posted by anatoly | Apr 14, 2008 @ 01:10 AM | 6,939 Views
Ok, so I scooted my HBK2 around the floor for a little while, felt comfortable with that, then decided to see if I could hover a little bit in my basement. I pushed the throttle enough so that the skids slowly lifted off the ground, then the training gear. I got a couple inches off the ground, trying to hold it steady, and found it drifting toward the couch, or toward the fireplace, or toward the wall. The nerves definitely hit me. Maybe it was flying in such a confined space, but I haven't had such a case of nerves since my first airplane flights. I had to quickly set it down. I took a couple more hops and each time found it difficult to control the heli low to the floor. I just thought of the lesson from RADD's: just set it down and calm down. Well, it took about half an hour for me to calm down enough so I could feel how tired I actually was at 1AM and that it was time to go to bed.
Posted by anatoly | Apr 13, 2008 @ 01:54 PM | 6,484 Views
After flying planes for two years, I decided that it was time to try a heli and see what I've been missing. I got a good deal on a used upgraded Honey Bee King 2, so after doing a lot of reading about setting up a CCPM helicopter, I decided to see if I can get it going. What I didn't realize is that despite everything I read, it would still take me about 10 hours of work to get to the point where I can even think about getting it off the ground.

Some points:

Despite carefully reading the DX7 manual about which servos to plug into which channel, I still managed to screw it up and reverse the aileron and elevator channels. The problem is that by that time I had already went through the process, so I had to start everything all over, from servo subtrim, to leveling the swash, to zeroing the blades.

Setting the servo arms to 90 degrees, leveling the swash, zeroing the blades, adjusting total the pitch range should all be done in idle up flight mode with the motor disconnected and the throttle stick at half. That took me a while to figure out because most sites don't mention that you should switch to idle up. It's probably obvious to anyone who has been doing this for a while, but not to a heli newbie.

There are not that many sites that really talk about how to check the swash for proper movement. Here is one, although I think he has the elevator reversed. When I put the elevator stick down I expect the swash to tilt aft, which will cause the helicopter to pitch back,...Continue Reading