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Posted by RWCLOUD | Apr 24, 2012 @ 05:05 AM | 4,158 Views
Dennis and I decided that we wanted a "Beater" type glider that was fairly inexpensive, something like my QSC 32 inch 3 panel poly, but bigger so that it could be winch launched.

!00 inches would work out well. 4 , 24 inch panels plus 2 inch tips would give us 100 inches. Why 24 inch panels? The foam comes in 24 X 96 inch sheets. I decided on AG 24,25,26 airfoils going on what is recommend by the Charles River Radio Controllers web site. And that the wings would have 1/8 X1/2 inch wooden spars. Also the glass would be attached with Minwax Polycrilic rather then vacuum bagging.

The fuse pod would be from 1/8 inch lite ply and the boom was to be a golf club shaft.

The tails are just smaller version of the wings, but have .060 carbon rods for spars. The rudder also has a balsa spar that is the front half of the hinge line.

The V mount is made of aluminum , the first one is of .045, but is serious overkill, next will be redesigned and of .025.

The wing will be 3 piece, with 1/4 inch plate 6061 T6 Aluminum cut into a chevron shape. My 2 Meter has 1/8 inch plates and it can take a full pedal launch, so these should be OK

I've been texting Dennis pictures as progress is made . I'll try posting them here. The are not in any special order And the build sequence may seem a little different, but this is what works for me.
Posted by RWCLOUD | Aug 26, 2007 @ 04:06 AM | 5,464 Views
Made some profile wing tanks for my " Flying Test Bed Delta" today! Flys about the same,just a little slower and looks great in the air!

Now I just need to finish my SkyRay and get her flying! The delta did not flip over with hard landing in dirt and weeds!

These are just crude tanks with no streamlining, quick proof of concept type of experiment!