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Posted by wilky | Nov 26, 2006 @ 08:29 PM | 3,518 Views
Well I finally worked up the courage to fly the Pz FW-190 today, I got her a little over a week ago. Went to fly the Firebird and decided i was going to take the 190 with me. I put her up just before sunset, flew her for about five minutes and started to loose orientation because of the withering light. brought her in for a landing......I have a lot of practicing to do as this is my first low wing, first aileron, and first Warbird....She came in safe and sound, a little fast but safe. Is it normal to have the shakes for about 10 after a maiden?

Sorry no pics of vid as I thought I would jinx myself.
Flying a P-38 before long. (i hope)
Posted by wilky | Nov 02, 2006 @ 04:23 PM | 3,659 Views
Well I looks like i'm gong to have a busy winter building/converting planes.

I have a Cox Spitfire and two foam pusher jests to build (F-15 and SU-47). I also have Superman to convert to Real RC. (I'll Be hitting up the Flying wings forum for advice on Superman in the near future.) I want to get an Alpha or E-flight razorback and a FSK P-38. Oh and theres more too, but, I have to do these first.

I think my wife might be buying me a PZ P-51 or FW 190 for christmas but that will just steal time from the building.
Posted by wilky | Oct 22, 2006 @ 12:47 AM | 4,662 Views
How many of you are also static model collectors? Ive fallen in love with the 21ST Cetury Toys 1/18TH and 1/32ND scale models. Blue Box Toys also make some really nice 1/18th models. the 1/32 47 and 190 came as a VS pair and so did the mustang and 262 for $24 and the P-40 was $14. the 1/18 range from $40 to $80.

Now i just need to get some flying warbirds. I think the Alpha Razorback is going to be my first one...well besides the Cox spit.
Posted by wilky | Aug 15, 2006 @ 12:55 AM | 3,848 Views
As the title says this is my first blog entry (actually i had one typed out but for some reason my browser closed)
I'm new to RC aircraft. I've been enterested in them sence i was a kid but always afraid of the cost and fraility of planes. That all changed with buying an Aero Ace. I new i had to get a real RC plane after flying the AA.
I've always loved WWII fighters so the Cox warbirds caught my attention. I read the entire thread twice, called cox and ordered a spitfire.
Now to give you alittle about my personality, I don't like to do things the "right" way. I have no patience to buy trainers and learn to fly the "right" way. Like wise, when I got into RC cars when i was young, there was no chance i would settle for a Grasshopper or hornet. I HAD to have the BEST race buggy made, the good old gold tubbed RC/10!
So anyways, off to the Hobby shop i go to buy a radio for the spit. Fortunatly (in hind sight)they didn't have any DX6s when i got there. Being the impatient person i am and wanting to fly something more than a AA I bought a Firebird Freedom. I'm glad i did! I think I would have piled the spit on the first toss. The freedom took four crashes before i got the hang of it.
Now i'm landing it softly almost everytime, I have very few "what do i do" moments in the air and I think I'm progressing fairly quickly. I've also made the desision that the spit will stay in the box untill atleast next spring.

Enough babbling for now, going to go dream of B-25s and P-38s and so on