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Posted by pd1 | Dec 01, 2012 @ 06:54 PM | 9,223 Views
I got a little diverted from the Bootsraps build. The structure is almost done and waiting for covering.

Frank G ( murocflyer) here started a couple of group builds, on on RCG and another on wattflyer.
Frank has been threatening to build an Astro Hog for years and I thought I could corner him into building one if I said I'd build one too.

Frank dodged the bullet again, but I did build mine.

Quite a while ago I bought the plans for the Berkeley version of the Hog with full intent on building that one. Then I came across a Sig kit of the Hog.
After looking at the differences I decided to still build the Berkeley Hog.

My friend brought his Sig Hog to the field this fall and I flew it, I liked it .
Now I'm back to the Sig kit....Continue Reading