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Posted by pd1 | Aug 13, 2012 @ 09:00 PM | 9,207 Views
Berkeley kitted an airplane designed by Henry Struck called the Bootstraps. Also designated A RC- 1 Berkeley's first RC kit.

My dad had one back in 1952 or 53. It promptly flew away and was grabbed by a passing motorist.

A couple years later the motorist tried to sell the plane at the local hobby shop.
I don't think they realized how rare RC airplanes were, and that the hobby shop owner knew my dad.
We got it back and my dad made some radio equipment that was almost reliable. We got to fly it for a few years.

It was single channel, rudder only and no throttle or elevator.
Push the button and the rudder went full swing to one side, Next time the switch was pushed, the rudder went full swing to the other side.
By 1962 I was getting pretty good at flying it, and more often than not I came home from flying with an undamaged plane.

I have a picture of my cousin and myself with my two single channel airplanes in 1962.

Now I decided to build another one, this time electric and with elevator control. How neat is that?

I started construction and I'll be posting pictures as I progress....Continue Reading