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Posted by MarioIArguello | Oct 21, 2009 @ 03:05 PM | 10,158 Views
From the time I established MIA Micro-FLIGHT, previously and still also known as MIA Designs, my goal has always been to do unique and original models. Models that have a high level of performance, durability and appeal. Models that many larger companies cannot produce with same level of attributes due to logistics in mass manufacturing.

Being a small company, we at MIA Micro-FLIGHT manufacture small quantities but this allows us to concentrate on the things that many times cannot be found in a mass produced products.

A higher level of performance, durability, realism, and appeal has always been and is very important to me and perhaps also to many people that share this wonderful RC hobby and are already familiar with MIA products. So these MIA product characteristics are carried throughout every single MIA product we produce.

Many of the Upgrades we make, at MIA Micro FLight, for other products, also share this level of uniqueness which can be seen in our product showcase at our site Http:// and via the various videos archived in our new MIA Micro-FLIGHT You Tube Channel.
Posted by MarioIArguello | Oct 21, 2009 @ 02:22 PM | 10,076 Views
I designed this retro simple profile RC Autogyro model inspired by the need to have a true to detail and high performance RC Autogyro lighweight parkflyer that I could also fly indoors.

The model will not make much sence to you if you have not seen the movie that also inspired the design build and flight of this RC model... "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE" A Retro James Bond Film. More description under More Info in the You Tube Link.

A more in depth look at this model and similar ones can be found in RC Groups Autogyro section.

RC Autogyro - Little Nellie - World's First 007 Themed Foamie! with Wallis Pilot. (2 min 6 sec)