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Posted by MarioIArguello | Sep 20, 2009 @ 06:51 PM | 10,551 Views
This is my Bensen Pusher Type Open Frame design Large Rotor Autogyro, in its second test flight straight from the drawing board.

I am not employing any "autopilots" electroninc gyros or helicopter flybar stabilized rotors, to fly this mode, as I feel this would not justify the true
nature of the real Bensen design whcih flies with DC Direct rotor control.

This model has also been fitted with a scratch designed and built, semi and full small scale body of the Little Nelly autogyro from the James Bond 007 - You Only Live Twice, film. Working strictly from photographs, a lot of hours and attention to details has gone into these models to make them fly and look realistic.

MIA BBW 3815 RC Autogyro - Tests- Part 2 - Awesome! It Flies! (2 min 54 sec)

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RC Autogyro 2 - Pusher - Ultralight - Bensen-Brock-Wallis - LA 500 Autogyro size (6 min 48 sec)
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