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Posted by MarioIArguello | Dec 03, 2008 @ 10:37 PM | 13,382 Views
After getting a Blade MCX and loving this little helicopter because it really flies great!, it brought back fond memories of a helicopter I designed back in the day. Went through some boxes I had in storage, and pulled the MIA Sport LE, a vintage, historical and rather unique helicopter I designed back in the 90's and offered it in kit form in 1998 in limited quantities.

What do these two helis have in common, well, both are what I consider tru ultra-lights and controlled by 4 channels RC, although the MCX is a coxial heli and the Sport is more of conventional design.

The 1998 MIA Sport Le is lighter, by size to weight ratio, than the Blade MCX, but the way the Blade MCX flies reminded a lot of how the Sport flew back in the day with the available RC equipment , at that time, and whih in many cases had to be put on a diet, to achieve some decent flight times.

For nostalgic reasons I have decided to bring back the Sport LE anbd restore it with new 2008-2009 RC equipment.