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Posted by MarioIArguello | Aug 24, 2008 @ 10:40 AM | 14,207 Views
My latest project and product.

My 4#3 Custom helicopter with a MIA Carbon frame and TUFF LG, Grey canopy and Carbon fiber like window. Actually this canopy/window is made from two MIA Edge canopies, one grey and one Carbon pattern, and simply cut and fitted together. The options to do some very cool canopies with MIA color canopies, at my site, are endles. The helicopter is waiting for battery to be charged for a fun flight. Next to it is MIA JIS #000 ultra precision screwdriver especially designed for the Walkera 4#3 helicopters. This is the perfect tool for removing and tightening those ultra tiny screws that are part of the walkera 4#3 rotor heads. I wanted a screwdriver with the right feel and not finding one that suited my needs, I developed this one. You have to really try it to be able to feel the difference in precision you get when you use it with the Walkera 4#3 tiny screws,on the helicopter's rotor head.

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