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Posted by madhun1 | Jul 10, 2008 @ 02:05 AM | 3,741 Views
It's been some time since I've revisited this project; apparently one must work for a living pffft, interupts heli time if you ask me ;but it's time to get it off the ground.

This all started when I ordered one of these for my GWS Dragonfly.

It was sold as a direct replacement for the GWS Dragonfly's swash, which of course it isn't. The Dragonfly, like most other FP helis on the market, uses 3mm balls on the swash and fly bar control paddle, however this one was supplied with 3.8mm balls. Problem solved replace the balls... not possible, no longer manufactured. So Nikki from heli hobby tracked me down and shipped me some 3mm balls. However I've since moved on, and there is since a much better mouse trap.

Enter Xtreme, with their lovely Swash, Paddle & Blade grip.

Thanks to Miracle Mart I have on the way One of these One of these One of these Some of these

Thanks to Dave over at I have

ARC 24-34-130
20mm Heatsink
CC Pheonix 25
CC Pheonix 10
Castle Link
2x BMS 371
HPI 9T & 10T pinion. Some of these from Heli-World.

Thanks to an eBay seller I have
Telebee gyro

Thanks to Hobbycity I have
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