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Posted by fiberman | Jul 20, 2007 @ 05:35 PM | 2,466 Views
My first experience with rc was a HobbyZone Firebird Scout Electric RTF. It was almost the end of my rc experience. I thought it was a terrible plane, very heavy for it's size and hard to control.

After finding rcgroups and read a lot here i got a Slow Stick and installed a BP 12Y. I had 5 or 6 flights on it before my first incident. Our house got in the way (stupid house) but i found it easy to repair. Still flying it.

My first scratch built was am STC. Very neet little plane. I wound a 22 mm CD motor for it.

I also posted the following at:



I flew my Wild Wing for the first time on 6-17-07. It was an abrupt change from the Slow Stick and STC that I had been flying. Makes an unusual sound when it hits the ground, durable though. The bounce is quite high after impact. Weight with 1500mAh battery is 17 oz but I had to add about 2 oz of weight to the nose making it 19oz. It flew very tail heavy until I added the weight. CG is about 7 . The picture shows the high teck weight and attaching system.

I covered it with heat shrink polyester cloth as used on certified aircraft. I had some lying around. Made a sock by machine stitching along the leading edge outline. I sprayed 3M 77 around the battery box and servo slots. Turned the sock inside out before slipping it over the EPP core which had the fiber...Continue Reading