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Posted by jpgcag | Oct 09, 2010 @ 05:12 PM | 2,598 Views
6 more days until I blow this joint for the warmer climes of Arizona. I've got all the planes set to be cleaned and put in my wife's horse trailer for the travel back down to "Sun" country! Tomorrow its pack all my building inventory in my plastic tubs. I used to have 2 now I have 4?? Are they breeding at night?

I decided to wait to retest my FPV EZ once I get down to Yuma. For some reason I don't have the power that I used to. Nothing has changed, but its really turned into a dog. I'll give it one more try before I swap out motors and go to something a tad more powerful. I've also backordered another Sky Surfer, so that may just become another FPV ship. The one that I flew this summer, will have landing gear on it once I get back down to Yuma where I have a runway to use.

I can't say enough nice things about the Rookie that I put together this summer. It has to be the best performer right out of the box that I've ever had. Its well built without having to do any of the modifications that we do for the Easy Star. Its Achillies heal is the nut that is embedded in the top of the rudder that holds the elevator (T tail) on. I had a failure along with three others on the thread. The problem is the nut which is gluded into the rudder doesn't get enough glue and after a period of time it lets loose. I was lucky in that mine did it on landing so there was very little damage (elevator torn off). A little glue and some hinge tape that it was back up flying within minutes.