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Posted by jpgcag | Sep 11, 2010 @ 04:53 PM | 2,667 Views
I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by. I was only able to finish my 7th Mini Slinger (super modified) and a totally stock Rookie. My FPV Easy Star which I began a couple of years ago is still plaguing me. On its third flight the 40 amp ESC smoked and almost burned out the inside. Luckily I had it in a hatched area that I carved out to hold both the ESC and the RC receiver. Other than a couple burnt servo extensions and the ESC everything else appears okay. I'm trying to fly it on a nice calm day so I can record the altitudes and speeds so when I'm flying by FPV, I'll have something to cross check with. One thing though is the plane seems much heavier than previously noticed. I have a couple of fences that the plane has to climb out over and on the first two attempts I had to abort the takeoff because I could see it wasn't going to make it. After increasing the distance to the fence by double, it just cleared them and needed full throttle to keep a very slow climb going. I can't believe that I need to put in a bigger motor. This Micro Dan motor had no trouble lifting it before and to the best of my knowledge, nothing has been added in fact some things have been removed.

I may have to switch aircraft for my FPV stuff. I have a Twin Star II which I know several people are using for FPV and its worked out well for them. Maybe???