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Posted by jpgcag | Sep 16, 2008 @ 02:11 PM | 3,352 Views
It has been said that flying both real planes and RC is mostly hours of calm entertainment interdispered with minutes of shear terror! Mine started the first of September. I've been flying my two Mini Slingers everyday for most of the summer. I actually have had three, but the first one had one too many crashes and its now my parts plane. The second is a completely stock set up as it comes out of the box. The third I hopped up with a Waypoint E2205-32 swinging an Easy Star prop, being driven by a CC 25 ESC and a 7.2vt 850mAh battery. Where the stock one (II) snarls like a mad hornet, the (III) is whisper quiet.

What started as a routine flight on II turned into a disaster when for no known reason, it nose dived straight down and hit hard in our pasture. Luckily it missed the horses "road apples". The plane was fairly dinged up, but I thought I could fix it which I did. I switched batteries and launched it but instead of flying off straight ahead it took a hard left turn and right into a flowering plum tree. I haven't hit a tree in two years! The extraction was easy with a couple of lengths of 3/4 plastic conduit. No damage so I decide to readjust the control throws and trims the next morning.

This is when the trouble really started. The next day I turn on my transmitter and see I have Mini Slinger dialed in. I now readjust my control throws. Once this was all done, I put a fresh battery in the beast and went out to fly. That is when I noticed...Continue Reading