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Posted by jpgcag | Oct 09, 2010 @ 05:12 PM | 2,595 Views
6 more days until I blow this joint for the warmer climes of Arizona. I've got all the planes set to be cleaned and put in my wife's horse trailer for the travel back down to "Sun" country! Tomorrow its pack all my building inventory in my plastic tubs. I used to have 2 now I have 4?? Are they breeding at night?

I decided to wait to retest my FPV EZ once I get down to Yuma. For some reason I don't have the power that I used to. Nothing has changed, but its really turned into a dog. I'll give it one more try before I swap out motors and go to something a tad more powerful. I've also backordered another Sky Surfer, so that may just become another FPV ship. The one that I flew this summer, will have landing gear on it once I get back down to Yuma where I have a runway to use.

I can't say enough nice things about the Rookie that I put together this summer. It has to be the best performer right out of the box that I've ever had. Its well built without having to do any of the modifications that we do for the Easy Star. Its Achillies heal is the nut that is embedded in the top of the rudder that holds the elevator (T tail) on. I had a failure along with three others on the thread. The problem is the nut which is gluded into the rudder doesn't get enough glue and after a period of time it lets loose. I was lucky in that mine did it on landing so there was very little damage (elevator torn off). A little glue and some hinge tape that it was back up flying within minutes.
Posted by jpgcag | Sep 11, 2010 @ 04:53 PM | 2,663 Views
I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by. I was only able to finish my 7th Mini Slinger (super modified) and a totally stock Rookie. My FPV Easy Star which I began a couple of years ago is still plaguing me. On its third flight the 40 amp ESC smoked and almost burned out the inside. Luckily I had it in a hatched area that I carved out to hold both the ESC and the RC receiver. Other than a couple burnt servo extensions and the ESC everything else appears okay. I'm trying to fly it on a nice calm day so I can record the altitudes and speeds so when I'm flying by FPV, I'll have something to cross check with. One thing though is the plane seems much heavier than previously noticed. I have a couple of fences that the plane has to climb out over and on the first two attempts I had to abort the takeoff because I could see it wasn't going to make it. After increasing the distance to the fence by double, it just cleared them and needed full throttle to keep a very slow climb going. I can't believe that I need to put in a bigger motor. This Micro Dan motor had no trouble lifting it before and to the best of my knowledge, nothing has been added in fact some things have been removed.

I may have to switch aircraft for my FPV stuff. I have a Twin Star II which I know several people are using for FPV and its worked out well for them. Maybe???
Posted by jpgcag | Apr 10, 2009 @ 01:32 PM | 3,237 Views
Finally after getting all my parts together I've begun the assembly process. I decided to use gyros for pitch and roll/yaw to give me the most stable platform for FPV. I'm using the Range Video 900-500 system together with his On Screen Display module.

I decided that since I was going to have a ton of components in the front compartment that I should cut in a hatch on the bottom of the plane to take advantage of the two unused cavities that are there. I'm using a Micro Dan motor & mount. So I'm putting the ESC in the furthest rearward compartment. In the next one forward I'm putting in the Hitec receiver together with the gyros. The battery, plus the OSD module and the power distribution board will be up front. I'm guessing that the CG should be fine without having to add weight.

Right now I'm waiting for the paint to dry on the elevator and the wings. I didn't like the gray color, so I'm painting the wings white. I learned from my first paint job that its VERY IMPORTANT to wipe the surfaces down with denatured alcohol to remove any lingering form release which will not let the paint adhere the foam. This time I also put on two light coats of primer first. I then sanded the surfaces with 400 grit paper to make them smooth. Then two coats of color are put on. I'm using Krylon white H2O primer and Krylon white H20 enamel. They say on the can that its low oder paint, but don't believe it. I had to paint outdoors to keep from breathing the fumes.
More tomorrow.....
Posted by jpgcag | Sep 16, 2008 @ 02:11 PM | 3,346 Views
It has been said that flying both real planes and RC is mostly hours of calm entertainment interdispered with minutes of shear terror! Mine started the first of September. I've been flying my two Mini Slingers everyday for most of the summer. I actually have had three, but the first one had one too many crashes and its now my parts plane. The second is a completely stock set up as it comes out of the box. The third I hopped up with a Waypoint E2205-32 swinging an Easy Star prop, being driven by a CC 25 ESC and a 7.2vt 850mAh battery. Where the stock one (II) snarls like a mad hornet, the (III) is whisper quiet.

What started as a routine flight on II turned into a disaster when for no known reason, it nose dived straight down and hit hard in our pasture. Luckily it missed the horses "road apples". The plane was fairly dinged up, but I thought I could fix it which I did. I switched batteries and launched it but instead of flying off straight ahead it took a hard left turn and right into a flowering plum tree. I haven't hit a tree in two years! The extraction was easy with a couple of lengths of 3/4 plastic conduit. No damage so I decide to readjust the control throws and trims the next morning.

This is when the trouble really started. The next day I turn on my transmitter and see I have Mini Slinger dialed in. I now readjust my control throws. Once this was all done, I put a fresh battery in the beast and went out to fly. That is when I noticed...Continue Reading