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Posted by MyDigitalParadis | Jan 13, 2011 @ 03:55 PM | 4,207 Views
Stars-N-Stipes 2011 is finally under construction. Work schedules have made it difficult to find the time but at last I've the time for a bit of effort. This printed build is made of 4mil vinyl instead of paper so was a bit heavier than normal but more durable as well. Only time will tell if my coring will lighten the build enough to make a difference. On the other hand the boldness of the color hopefully will make the extra effort worthwhile.
Posted by MyDigitalParadis | Sep 04, 2007 @ 12:46 PM | 5,024 Views
Due to a fortuitous series of circumstances Iíve experienced a considerable growth in my hanger. Now mind you Iíve already a considerable electric hanger but Iíve finally been in a position to expand into gas once again. Iíve added two gas planes to my hanger and have two more waiting to be built. I started with an old Avistar I rebuilt following someone else crashing it and deciding not to rebuild. The damage was minor and I repaired it within 2 hours. Put in the full size electronics I had left over from my radio (all electrics till now so never used them) and bought an inexpensive OS 46LA and had my first gas plane in 20 years for less the 100$.
Last week I bought a used Hanger 9 PTS P-51 but had a major aileron failure on maiden and lost the plane. Managed to avoid anything or anyone else but could not save the plane. Fortunately I was not completely tapped and bought another kit and by good fortune only the kit was lost from the other plane. All the electronics and the motor survived to be reinstalled in the new World Models P-51 recommended by the racers at the field where I crashed my mustang. To be honest after what happened to my other Mustang I was scared stiff on the maiden for this one. However I hopefully had learned my lesson, and by dint of being very careful every step of the way this maiden was a resounding success. Iíll be back some point in the next couple of weeks with my other additions but these are this weekendís successes.

I will hopefully be adding a couple more in the next couple of weeks. No Iím not crazy I just happen top have found a Fun Fighter Miss America on clearance and an old Little Princess .15 plane bought for my birthday by a good friend. I need only a few bits and pieces to add them to my hanger.