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Posted by P2-betterfly | Mar 03, 2007 @ 05:47 PM | 2,718 Views
Reading my last blog made me sick. Enough of that… It is funny looking back and thinking, what was I thinking… Recently the “Scratchbuilt foamie contest” started and a new breath of fresh air has invoked me to push on, despite the field problem. I just have to work that out. With the development on my concepts I was looking into simplifying the design for ease to construct. The plan is to start simple by building a prototype to check glide capability. I then toyed around with building a motorized micro version 10” wing span using AIR HOG gear. This proves to be challenging, but gave me new perspectives to managing the hardware, accessibility to the receiver and battery. Well, a lot of good came from this. A new canopy design and latch, all in the effort to keeping the weight down. I rebuilt the prototype to transfer the gear from the old to new.

Here are some pics. I submitted these to show my entry.

Then I begun to CAD the details for the model. This is the first stage of the development for the GRAGONSLEIGH.

1. Flaperon controls
2. Canard independent control (each wing is tied in with the flaparons)
3. Vector thrusting (DUCT-TAIL) tie it all in together

This contest is the catalyst to pushing it forward for me. I would have gone ahead regardless, but this is more fun.

This place has become a treasure chest of ideas with cleaver way to solving problems. The resources are limitless to find the answers I’m looking for. That bleak view of life I had...Continue Reading
Posted by P2-betterfly | Dec 09, 2006 @ 11:26 AM | 2,956 Views
Today is one of many. Each day I go to work so I can pay my bill. I love my job with all its challenges, but do not fulfill my dreams.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is there is not enough time left for my dreaming and goals to play with the planes I love so much. I flying skills are at an intermediate level and the field are too far away. I have come to a full circle. The design I first started with has come back with new breakthroughs and improvements that yet to be tested. I believe I have discovered a way to produce vector thrusting with a simple application. However, my ability to test them has become impaired due to the lack of getting myself to a field.

I switched to electric flight so I may go to a public field or park undetected, even this is a challenge. I have been planning to move just to get me closer to a field of dreams. Now I have lived in an apartment for 20 years in the thick of the city. I am tired and need to feel free like the birds, out of the city. The problem now is my family, how will this affect them? My son, going on 20 will soon be leaving the nest, I suppose or he will adjust. My wife, however, has begun a new job to witch she has become attached to. This is hat may stop me, sacrifices that kills dreams.

I need my field of dreams to grow in. The weekends are all I have, because of the long hours at work. My workshop at home is limited, probably more than most, but in an apartment with the rules of thin walls and not able to have real power tools to do the job efficiently.

This all seems like I’m wining, The truth is I’m hurting to fly and prove my theories and move on with my dream to fly the northern territories with my Ductlings

Today is one of many

BetterFly ~v~