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Posted by Terry | Oct 28, 2011 @ 03:35 PM | 22,489 Views
You might have noticed something new today. We have added Facebook "like" and Google +1 buttons! This is cool because now if you see something you like on RCGroups you can share it with your friends on other social networks.

They are located next to the post reply button on threads, underneath the map on the maps page and on member blog pages underneath the username and title. They are super simple to use. If you like something and want to share it on Facebook just click the FB "like" button. If you want to share it on Google click the +1 button.

If you just can't stand the sight of these two buttons we have a solution for you too! They can be disabled by going to myrcgroups -> edit options, then go to the forum display options in the thread display options section and click the disable social media buttons check box. It's just that easy!

Now click that like button up there...you know you want to!

Terry o-[ : ) ]
Posted by Terry | Oct 20, 2011 @ 02:00 PM | 25,466 Views
Hey gang, just your friendly neighborhood transmitter mascot here again with another exciting announcement about the RCGroups Beautification project!

We've just uploaded some changes to the beta style we toyed with earlier this week. Thanks to everyone who contributed feedback. Some of you just hate hate hated it because it was a fixed width style, so we're trying some new things this time.

Here is what we've changed:
  • Added a notification/style switcher under the main menu for all styles
  • Increased contrast between all text and background colors
  • Fixed bug that was causing horizontal scroll bar to appear prematurely when sizing the window down
  • Added a minimum and maximum width to the content area instead of a fixed 1000px width
  • Added a full fluid style
  • Various small fixes

The new style is something we're calling "adaptive width" because it will let you resize it up to a certain point. Give it a shot and if you don't like it try the fully fluid width. Note that unless you have a widescreen monitor you won't see the difference between the two.

After our last test ended with some negative feedback, Jim Bourke posted some thoughts to explain why we wanted to try a fixed width style, for those still curious.

Terry o-[ : ) ]
Posted by Terry | Oct 17, 2011 @ 02:47 PM | 23,806 Views
RCGroups has looked pretty much the same for a decade, and it's time to update our style. Want to peer into the future and see what's coming? You can! It's like having a crystal ball.

RCGroups New Beta Style!

Our new "Beta" project lets you see what we're working on in the RCGroups labs. Offer feedback to help us make the experience positive for everyone.

What to expect from the beta style
Here are some of the things we've changed for the beta style:
  • Layout is fixed to be 1000 pixels wide
  • The footer has a new layout and look
  • New or updated icons for just about everything
  • Improved consistency and legibility when viewing threads and posts
  • And many small changes designed to make the site more compact and easier to use!

We plan to make a number of additional changes, all of which will be available to the beta users first.

How to turn on the beta style:
  • Click on the "My RCGroups" tab on the blue navigation bar
  • Go to the box on the left side of the window that says "Settings and Options"
  • Click on "Edit Options"
  • Scroll down to "Miscellaneous Options" and change the forum skin select box to "RCGroups Beta"

We're working on making it a bit easier to switch back and forth but follow the above directions if you are eager to try it out!

Make sure and let me know if you see anything broken or if you have other feedback as we work to modernize our look.

Terry o-[ : ) ]