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Posted by Troy | Mar 29, 2007 @ 12:17 PM | 7,157 Views
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Davexxxxx took some video of the Orion flying this past weekend. Thanks Dave!
Orion Flys Again (5 min 34 sec)

Posted by Troy | Oct 19, 2006 @ 01:27 AM | 7,193 Views
Once in a while, when you've put something away for so long you almost forget about it, you find yourself dusting off the cobwebs and taking a fresh look at it again.

Many years ago, I was given a very special plane by someone I considered a great mentor. The Orion MKII airframe hung on his garage wall as a trophy of past pattern contests and everybody who saw it thought it was a cool looking plane. The story was that Ken (our club president at the time) had built it back in the mid to late 60's and had competed in pattern contests with it. He flew the plane for many years with great success. One fateful day, he had taken off and soon realized he had no control. The servo tray had broken loose and the controls were ineffective. The plane nosed over and hit the run way. The fuselage took the load of impact, but with great surprise, the damage was minimal. A few cracks and split covering was really all that had been done. Well, as what happens with many of our airframes that are due for quick repair but get shoved to the back of the pile, this one languished for many years in Kens to-do list.

As I had noted before, many of us young club members loved the plane and always begged Ken to "Give it to me and I will fix it up and fly it." The day came when Ken actually offered it to me and said, "I chose to give it to you because I know how well you take care of your planes and you will fly it as it was meant to be flown." It was an honor to...Continue Reading
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I've been teaching myself Solid Works which is an extremely powerful program. I have learned the very basics and hopefully with a few projects I'll advance my abilities and produce some complex assemblies.
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I come from a blood line of admittedly bad photographers. I tease my parents on some of our vacation photos of subjects with no heads and thumbs obscuring the shot. I am no photo guru either having only barely passed Photo 101 in college, but I still try to practice my composition skills learned in my graphic design experience and general interests in good photography.

My wife and I had noticed that we simply do not take enough photos to document our fun excursions or vacations. SO when we went to Hawaii we set out to make up for lost time and I really wanted to get some good photos that were more than just "us" posing in front of various tourist landmarks and pretending to look like we were having fun. It became a lot of fun to actively search for good shots and in the end I think we took in a lot more of the landscape and people while we were there. I even brought my Aero Ace Bipe with me to see if I could squeeze in some flying or at least get a memorable shot.


(eventually I'll get some RC stuff into this....)...Continue Reading
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